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Why You Should Study MBBS in China Medical University?

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The Chinese Medical University was founded in 1931 and is located in Shenyang, the largest city in north-eastern China. It is listed as one of the top MBBS universities in China. CMU is the first medical institute to be established by the Military Medical School and the Army Medical School in China. With high admission requests and application forms, the university carefully examines each application to select a suitable candidate after a candidate analysis. Here are mentioned some reasons why you should study MBBS in China medical university.

MBBS in China for Indian Students

National and International Students

It has a total staff of more than 11,000 and more than 13,500 students from different countries. CMU has trained a large number of specialized medical personnel, many of whom have become senior leaders in national health management and renowned medical experts.

University Campus

The university campus offers the best conditions. It has a kitchen with Indian food, grocery store, mobile shops, bicycles, bicycles, banks, ATMs and so on. CMU is equipped with world-class infrastructure and a state-of-the-art library. The university campus is one of the largest campuses for MBBS in China. Therefore, students do not have to go out for any kind of work.

Dependent Hospitals

It has about 20 large and state-of-the-art affiliated hospitals where students can practice during the internship period. The hospitals are staffed by highly qualified and experienced doctors and staff. Doctors are very collaborative with students as they teach them different aspects of practice in the hospital.

Low Cost Payments

Chinese Medical University offers MBBS courses at lower prices than MBBS in Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and other countries. Payment for the first year is RMB 52,900 and for the second year up to the sixth: – Tuition, accommodation, insurance, medical, registration, visa extension and so on. Indian students can afford such fees and in addition, the cost of living is also not much higher. .

Approved by MCI and WHO

China Medical University is one of the best medical universities in China, approved by MCI & WHO and many other higher education organizations. Thanks to its approval and recognition by MCI, it will be easier for Indian students to practice medicine / MBBS in India after completing it.

Quality of Education

They have highly qualified faculties that provide excellent services to students. Classrooms are equipped with all the latest techniques and methods so that students are well acquainted with all subjects. Suspicious classes are held after the main classes. The laboratories are equipped with all the latest technological equipment. The faculty of the Chinese Medical University is highly qualified in all aspects and they also work very closely with students.

The Best Medical Programs

The university offers a number of doctoral programs, including medical sciences, public health, dentistry, pharmacy, general medicine, paediatrics, nursing, prosthetics and more. Doctor of Medicine (MD) courses are also offered here. The university also offers low-cost postgraduate medical courses such as MS / MD Courses.


Want To Study MBBS Abroad?

Haven’t you decided yet? Not only is the cost of studying MBBS in China for Indian students and MBBS in China is lower for Indian students and its compatibility is not difficult and the process of admission to Chinese medical university is easy. The university is equipped with high quality dormitories which are also available. Due to the university rankings, reviews and quality of education, the Chinese Medical University, which is approved by the MCI Medical College in China, is recommended.

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