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Why new age firms cannot ignore the applicant tracking system

Since the mid-to-late 1990s, applicant tracking systems have aided businesses in finding and hiring better applicants. In the previous two decades, applicant tracking system have grown along with technology. They’re not only getting more useful, but they’re also growing more clever. Especially in assisting you in hiring the proper personnel.

1- Feature-packed and customizable

The employment procedure in a retail business differs from that in a corporate office. Manufacturing businesses and school administrations employ in distinct ways. Preferences and processes may be customized and configured in a variety of ways by HR ATS software.

Among the numerous add-on features are:

  • Video interviewing
  • Pre-hire exams
  • Passive applicant sourcing

2- Incorporate a job board, professional sites, and online networks

You may configure your application tracking system to work with a variety of job boards. It includes ones with foreign countries. It may also use recruitment marketing software to automatically post on social media.

3- Increase the number of qualified applicants in your pool

Your candidate pool can grow by up to 40% if you use a mobile-friendly applicant tracking system. The drop-off rate of candidates is reduced when the time it takes to apply for a job is reduced to less than 20 minutes.

4- Minimize Your Effort

HR ATS Software systems may reduce your workload. It thins out the candidate pool with minimal qualifications. Then years of experience and personality and cognitive exams. Such modules analyze relevant talents and potential conflicts.

5- Collect all of your applicant’s information and hiring information in one place.

Get applications and forms into your applicant tracking system (ATS) quickly. So you can filter, rate, share, and contact applicants. When someone is employed, their information may be instantly entered into the HR personnel system.

You can also save potential prospects for future openings. Or you can share them with other departments or roles within the organization.

6- Stay away from interview blunders

Because applicant tracking systems are non-discriminatory. These can assist you with the phrasing of your job advertisement. Be sure you’re in compliance with non-discriminatory laws and corporate rules.

7- Decrease the Hiring Time Burden

By sorting through hundreds of resumes, automating social sharing with other people or departments within the company, using automated email templates to thank applicants for applying or to inform them that they were not chosen for the position, and delegating hiring tasks, an ATS can save recruiters and HR reps time.

An ATS is projected to minimize the time burden of hiring by up to 20% simply by employing these possibilities.

8 Make Employee Retention a Priority

How might an HR ATS software help with staff retention? By assisting you in finding the best candidate for the job. When you do so, the chances of you and the individual you hired being pleased with each other increase, which minimizes employee turnover.

9- Enhance the image of your business

People want to work for a firm that is efficient and takes advantage of modern technologies. The ability to connect with prospects quickly and readily at every level of the recruiting process keeps them engaged in the firm and sets you apart from the competition.


In order to purchase and use an HR applicant tracking system, each organization must weigh the pros and cons. Cost, learning curve, and desired level of automation are all aspects to consider. The advantages, on the other hand, are clear from the organization’s point of view.

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