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Why Are Masks Likely Coming Back Indoors in Los Angeles?

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak in the year 2020, it has been mandatory for every individual to wear masks while going out.

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Latest us news is Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak in the year 2020, it has been mandatory for every individual to wear masks while going out. It has already been more than two years, and the use of masks and sanitise has decreased significantly, but why has it increased lately in Los Angeles? Let’s know why.

Latest US News: Where do the citizens need to wear their masks, and why is it so?

Ever since the outbreak of a highly infectious coronavirus variant worldwide, most countries in California have high transmission levels of the infection. But the mandate is being issu only to one country. 

  • According to the Latest US news, the LA Government has made it an official mandate to wear masks at indoor restaurants, bars, cafes, and any other places where there can be indoor public gatherings by the 29th of July if the number of people is hospitalized due to this virus does not decrease.
  • So far this year, the deaths in Los Angeles have been nearly 4,500, higher than people dying due to road accidents or flu. By the figures of the latest health news, the number of deceased in Los Angeles has increased rapidly at a rate of a hundred per week. Also, the number of people hospitalize risen by 55 per cent.
  • This mask mandate is very similar to the one released in July the previous year implemented by the public health director Dr Barbara Ferrer which was effective till March this year. 
  • From the sources of the latest US news, there has been a spike in the omicron variants, which have pushed Los Angeles to a high Community level. Ferrer stated in a press briefing last week that coronavirus is still severe across the globe.
  •  The deaths have been so regular that some other person is dying when a new person is being attend to. Thus, no one should say that they are not at risk if they only wear masks when they are outside.
  • From the latest health news statements, some experts say that the LA Government should have saved this mandate for some other crisis which is not yet the same as the BA5 wave of omicron. 

But why has this mandate been issued only in Los Angeles out of all the countries in California?

The virus is not checking the country’s economy or race before attacking, and thus it should be mandatory to wear masks in indoor and outdoor public gatherings.

These are the words of the Government of Los Angeles, as stated by the latest US news “I think there’s a lot of people out there that, because it’s not a health officer requirement at the moment, feel like masking isn’t essential. For many, a mandate will indicate it’s time to layer in an additional safety measure.”

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In conclusion, though it has been like a routine to wear masks, it is not very comfortable for most people. But it is also a very effective way to reduce the outrage of the virus in LA and across the globe. People must understand that the virus is not over yet and take preventive measures to reduce the risks.

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