What Kind Of Number Plates are Legal in UK – Rules and Regulations

Unlike common assumptions, UK number plates should adhere to rigorous legal guidelines. Letters and digits cannot be shuffled or distorted. You can’t use cartoon figures or your preferred football team’s emblem. When you go out and get new licence plates like 3D number plates legal, read this instruction carefully. Don’t be tricked into believing that simply since you can purchase something online, you could have it. Don’t be fooled; we’ve spelt out the actual regulations.

First, some background information on number plates

The producer of your licence plates must be listed on the DVLA’s Register of Number Plate Suppliers (RNPS). Authorities will demand your papers (V5 logbook and personal identification) as confirmation of your right to utilize the registrations. If your car was just given a personal licence plate, you would not obtain your new registration statement right away. If this is the situation, you would be handed a paper approving the production of licence plates. The DVLA seems to have very precise criteria for licence plates. The typography, size, and shade of licence plates must all conform to the British Standard. Motorcycles, tricycles, and classic (black and white) plates all have options. Such restrictions would be known to respectable licence plate makers. The Vehicles on the Road (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 require that car or vehicle registration Points be shown (obtainable from HMSO).

The Fundamentals Of Licence Plates Are As Follows:

  • A number plate should be displayed on the front and back of the car.
  • On a white plate in front, the words must be in black colour.
  • On a yellow colour plate at the back, the letters must be black.
  • The lettering should never be reflective, but the backdrop ought to be.
  • The British Standard for licence plates must follow.
  • If your plates were install before or after September 1, 2001, the regulations for letter sizes fluctuate significantly. The specifics are list below.
  • Older black and white plates, which can install on cars create before January 1, 1973, have different letter dimensions restrictions.

DVLA Number Plate Regulations for Motorcycles and Tricycles

A licence plate should display on the back of all motorcycles and tricycles. Motorcycles and tricycles license before September 1, 2001, may, but are not compel to, exhibit a licence plate on the front of a car. If you have a two- or three-wheel motorbike or tricycle with a four-wheel car body shape, you should have a licence plate on both the front and rear of the car. A two-line licence plate is require for motorcycles issue on or after September 1, 2001. A three-line number plate is allow on motorcycles registere before September 1, 2001. Before the date of licensing, one-line license plates are prohibit.

Number plates with Euro (and other) flags

For cars licensed in the United Kingdom, you have had the option of displaying a Euro flag from September 1, 2001. The Euro-plate is a registration number with the European Union’s insignia (a circle of 12 stars on a blue backdrop) and the member states’ national identifying symbols below it (for example, GB). This emblem can find on the license plates far left side. When driving within the European Union, cars having this Euro sign on the number plate are no longer require to use the standard oval-shaped national identifier (GB) sticker. By international treaty, all automobiles licensed in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have the identifying sign GB.

On December 28, 2001, the administration declare its plan to allow national flags and IDs to be display on car licence plates. The Vehicles on the Road (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations of 2001 are now revise. They would provide for the exhibition of the Union flag, Scottish Saltire, St George’s Cross, and Red Dragon voluntarily. Football team emblems, for example, are not permitt.

Font for number plates

The necessary font must be display on all licence plates manufacture after August 31, 2001. Before this date, all registration plates have to be the same.

What not to do with your licence plate

According To the Law:

The letters and numbers should not be change, rearrange, or misrepresent in any way.

Individuals cannot be transfer from one group to another (e.g. A242 ABC must not be display as A242A BC).

That Is To Say:

  • There are no stylized letters.
  • Don’t reorganise the area.
  • Don’t use screws or other fasteners to falsify letters or numbers.
  • Don’t use crushed or deformed letters to depict characters or digits.
  • There are no photos other than the flags that have authorize (no football emblems, etc.)
  • The Vehicles on the Road (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 contain all of the criteria in full.

Alternatives include:

  • A boundary Euro-symbol with domestic identifying writings that is non-reflective.

Final Words

In the UK, there are many rules and regulations that you must follow when you are trying to obtain a brand new licence plate. And some of them are mention below. 

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