What is Smart Switch APK Download?

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When you move from an old mobile phone to a new Samsung mobile phone, you need to transfer all information stored in your old device to a new device. Samsung Smart Switch APK download assists with this file transferring process. Smart Switch APK download is the mobile version of Samsung Smart Switch software. It assists with the transfer of any data into the new Samsung Galaxy phone. You can transfer any type of data such as messages, contacts, calendars, documents, alarms, music, videos, audio files, and others. Smart Switch APK is providing a user-friendly interface with easy safe steps. If you are a Samsung user get the use of this application with this guide.

Key features of Smart Switch APK Download

  • It is a free software
  • Its app size is 30MB
  • The latest version is
  • It requires an Android 4.0 device or a later version
  • Smart Switch APK supports non-Samsung devices such as apple, blackBerry, Windows mobiles
  • It connects devices through WiFi
  • Smart Switch APK is developed by Samsung electronics
  • It is available in the Google play store
  • It is updated on 11 January 2022

How does the Smart Switch APK Download work?

Simply, it allows wireless data sharing between two devices. You have to connect two devices with WiFi and should already download the Smart Switch APK. Smart  Switch Samsung mobile divides information into personal information, multimedia files, and apps, therefore you need to select the correct category of information when you want to transfer them to a new device. The time is taken to finish this transferring process may be several minutes depending on the size of files you are transferring.

In which type of devices does  Smart  Switch APK available?

  • All Galaxy devices up to Galaxy S10 from Galaxy S2
  • Non-Samsung devices such as LG, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Google mobile, Oppo, Vivo, Cherry mobile, and others

What type of devices does Smart Switch Samsung mobile support?

  • Apple iOS devices
  • Blackberry phones
  • Windows phones
  • Windows personal computers
  • Mac devices

How to download Smart Switch  APK Download?

  • It is already installed in Samsung Galaxy S7 and newer devices. To open it up, go to settings. Tap Cloud and accounts. Then click on Smart Switch
  • If you want to download the Smart Switch APK, you should have an Android 4.0 or a later device. Search the term  Smart Switch Samsung mobile in the play store to download Smart Switch APK. Then you can open up Smart Switch APK

How to use Smart Switch APK?

  1. Open Smart Switch APK  on your old mobile phone
  2. Tap send data on your old phone
  3. Select the option wireless transfer
  4. Open Smart Switch APK in the new mobile phone and keep it near the old phone
  5. Select the type of data that you want to send from the old device to the new phone
  6. Click on the reception on your new phone
  7. Then receive information to a new phone and complete the transferring process

Main  functions of Samsung Smart Switch APK Download

  • Transfer any information from an old mobile phone to a new mobile phone without using any cables
  • Organizes all information into categories
  • Easily backup and restore data

Is Smart Switch safe?

Most of the users are questioning the safety of Smart Switch APK. It is a completely free and highly safe application. Make sure that your device is compatible to use to download Smart Switch APK. When your device cannot install Samsung Smart Switch APK, follow the given troubleshooting methods

  • You need to have 500MB of free space available on both devices
  • When you are transferring data from a non-Samsung device you may face connection failures. Then do some changes. Find advanced WiFi on a mobile phone. Disable WiFi initialize option disconnect the low WiFi signal option and again try the transferring process. These facts may not be available on all devices as they are having different operating systems.

Benefits of using Smart Switch APK Download

There are many applications to do the file transferring process. But Smart Switch APK is a suitable application for data transferring without having prior knowledge of how to use this application gives the chance to data transfer from any device other than the Samsung mobiles whether it be Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. Smart Switch APK download always gives regular updates to Smart Switch APK. If you are having the latest mobile version, you can get the highest compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Switch APK

  • Can Smart Switch APK send data from Samsung to ioS?

No, it is only transferring data from non-Samsung devices to Samsung. It does not transfer data to iOS devices.

  • Can my information get changed while using the Smart Switch APK?

No, it gives 100% safety to data without altering them.

  • Can I choose the type of data that I want to transfer to a new phone?

Yes, You can select the category of data that you want to transfer as they are giving the options to select the type of data

  • Can I use the mobile phone for other purposes while running the Smart Switch APK?

Yes, you can close the Smart Switch APK and be involved in any other activity. You can see the progress of transferring process in the notification bar

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