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 What are the 3D drawing ideas?

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What are the 3D drawing ideas? It allows structural products to face geometric height, width, and depth elements in their 3D projects. These projections are based on perspective analysis and visual aspects to project a complex object display capacity more straightforward. easy 3d drawings

How to draw a 3D dragon step by step

They are welcomed in today’s blog post. This article refers to 3-dimensional design. You all hope this article. In this article, I provided a dragon design for you and declared how to draw a dragon step by step. This time I have a 3-dimensional drawing provided. After many days, I offered pictures in 3 dimensions for you so that friends could share this design, so what kind of fun explaining this method and reach populations. The video tutorial of this design is also specified in this article to draw this design easier. So, friends, if you want to understand how to create this design, you can read this article from beginning to end.

Materials used:

 Pastel: light gray. H Graphite Pencil (Derwent) Markings: Letraset Promarker Black and white coal pins. Crayons pencil underwent white gel, stable markers, black Faber, and soft rubber. 3D drawing ideas

Dragon 3D drawing

Friends need this material to create this design. Friends, I hope it came to understand everything. If you have difficulty understanding this article, you can tell me in contact or tell me with a comment. Friends, first, you have to draw a dragon with the HB pencil in the video. Then you have to tear the marker on the drawing in which your dragon was pulled. After invertebrates, you need nuances. It is essential to think that the shading does not come from the picture during the shadow.

3D Hole drawing 

The material used in this design: thin black pen, PROMARKER LETRASET pins (gray and black), A4 format watercolour paper, thick paper. 3D drawing ideas are shocking.

Step: 1 Draw the shape of the hole

In this drawing, it is necessary before making the figure of this hole. This 3D design hole looks like a crack, which will make you the sense that it is in the picture. This form looks like discomfort, but it will be great after drawing it.

Step: 2 Draw the cross in the ground

Where I made the arrow, which takes you to make a small cross, this cross must be traced between this cross. It is not temporarily permanent. This cross is eliminated later.

Step: 3 Draw these rows in this hole

You can be a source of confusion because this cross was developed. Please bring a peek at the concept of this drawing. You can find out why we have drawn this cross. We still give to say. This cross is so pulled that we have removed the lines in this hole. These lines must be cut to look dimensional after making this hole 3.

Step: 4 hours with black marker contour

We did our design (3D hole design) so far, we have to outline the black marker. After friends outline, we must remove the pencil taken from this pencil so that the lines are not visible. My friends explain to me so much from their expansion so as not to have problems creating this design, and they will be able to make it.

Step: 5 Fill the black and gray marker in a hole

You have to fill with the black and gray marks in this hole. In this hole, a very fabulous technique is used. Only then will this hole three will have a three-dimensional aspect. It would be best if you were shaded as friends in this image. If you disagree with this image, I don’t have to provide a video from this design. You can see this design of it and let it happen.

Step: 6 do darker and complete the drawing.

After that, you still have to be darker in this drawing so that the extraction of this design becomes even more. Friends, I gave them all the information about this design. Your turn is now how you can do my plan. Don’t do this design from you when you think that in your head and always look again. I hope you can also create this design for the first time and complete it.

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