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Weekend Places To visit Near Delhi

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Living in a metropolis can be overwhelming at times. Be it for people working or studying in the city, everyone needs a break from their mundane routine. Fortunately, Delhi has some of the best places to cool off of the week’s work and relax for a few days. Not all weekends are the same for people living here, some are blessed with 2 days and some with a day. However, this doesn’t affect your right to enjoy weekends with your friends. Following are some places where you can chill on your weekends after a tiring week;

Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas is an Urban village with its own little alleyways, cafes and shops. The village is fairly compact, has a lake and a wide garden in its premises. The infrastructure inside the village is minimal and is a blend of small town open brick buildings and commercial offices and cafes. The area is perfect for a stroll in the evenings and winter mornings. On weekends, the village is filled with a young vibe and music. There are several verandas where people dance, have jamming sessions or dinner with their friends. The youth of the city might enjoy visiting this village over the weekends to relax and chill. 


A long weekend is complete waste without a road trip out of the city. Same goes for Delhiites, the long weekend calls for a road trip into the mountains. After a weeklong exhaustion of answering calls from your boss, answer the mountain’s call and step out to travel. The road and rail connectivity from Delhi to Dehradun is good. The drive to Dehradun is merely 6 hours long with a lovely view of valleys of Uttarakhand. At times, people often choose to go to Mussoorie during the harsh summers of Delhi.


Gururam, formerly known as Gurgaon is a commercial city located on Delhi-Haryana border. There are several commercial complexes and MNCs in Cyber City. The Cyberhub is where the high end multi cuisine restaurants and cafes are located. The mall area is wide and has ample space for pedestrian pathways. During the evenings, the place is buzzing with various events. The Cyber Hub mall is a hangout place for corporate workers and college students. Your weekend deserves a special meal and there’s no better place than CyberHub. 

Oodles Resort

The city area mostly consists of business hotels for commercial stays lacking recreational activities in their premises for the guests. The resorts around Delhi are in the outskirts near Qutub Minar and Haryana. The Oodles resort is one such locale which has a pool, garden and spacious rooms for their guests. The resort is often used for weekend getaways with friends and events like weddings or reception. The resort is all about outdoorsy themes and has open gardens offering a large space to play outdoor games. 

World Of Wonder

The best place to have fun and to be a child again is an amusement park. The World of Wonder is an amusement park and a water park in Noida. The park consists of amazing adrenaline pumping rides and water slides. Your day will be jam packed with going on different rides and munching. Going to an amusement park is never a bad idea with your friends. World of Wonder is the best place to let loose and let your worries and tensions go away. You can also choose to boat in the lake on the premises or have lunch in the cafeteria while you enjoy watching your friends have fun. 

There are tons of places to chill on weekends in the city limits. Places like Lodhi Garden, Lajpath nagar, an ice cream at India Gate and a shopping spree at Sarojini is also a therapy in itself. With work from home and online schools and college lectures, the home environment is somehow weighed down and has become stressful. Stepping out with proper precautions, you can relieve the built up stress by hanging out with your friends and enjoying a change of environment for a  few while. 

For a longer weekend, people often travel to Shimla, Manali, Chandigarh or Uttar Pradesh. Giving yourself over the weekend has become an important part of self care  and healthy practices. The weekends are when people do things which make them happy or they pick up new hobbies to maintain a work-life equilibrium. Hence instead of staying home and doing nothing, engage in something productive or travel to new places and explore as you click pictures for your instagram feed. 

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