Wanna Look Better In Suits? Discover 5 Best Rules

Don't know how to create the best look in suit, this blog is for you. Follow the 5 rules we have recommanded.

Suits are classic wear that never goes out of style. Wearing a suit can be both a professional and stylish way to dress and can give you enormous confidence. But looking good in a suit is not as easy as it sounds.  Although, every single man who owns a suit wants to own one. Wants to look stunning in it. 

Wearing suits is a balancing act between the fit, cut, and colour of the suit because your body shape often depends on what type of clothes are most comfortable for you. If you don’t wear the right clothes, you could be throwing your body shape off balance. 

This blog is here to help you discover five rules you can use to find a suit that makes you look better.

Here Are The 5 Rules You Need To Follow When Wear A Suit

1. Pick the perfect length of the jacket

Looking good in an outfit is something that can be accomplished with the right combination of clothing, accessories, and grooming. But, there is one piece that can make all the difference and that is the suit. This is the piece that has the potential to be the most versatile and can be worn in a wide range of settings. The key is You have to pay special attention to the length of the jacket for your body type. 

2. Bottom button unbuttoned

If you have a small waist, stick to a two-button jacket. It will make your waist look slimmer than it is. If you’re broad-shouldered and big-chested, a three-button jacket will make you look even broader – so it’s a good idea to stay away from this style. If you’re wearing a vest, always keep the bottom button unbuttoned. Also, buy shirts for men online which go differently with vests.

3. ​Flaunt your shirt’s  sleeve

When you put on a long sleeve shirt, you should ensure that the sleeve is proportionate to your body. However, this is something that is rarely followed by men. The length of your sleeve should fall in such a way that it shows the cuff of the shirt. Ideally, the cuff shouldn’t show more than 1-2 cm. there are a lot of top online shopping portals that sell the best shirts for suits.

4. Skip carrying a lot of items in the pockets

When you’re wearing a suit, the last thing you want is to look like you’re stuffed with a bunch of unnecessary items. Even a pocket calculator would ruin the overall look of your suit. This is why it’s recommended to take out your phone and other items before putting on your suit. When you’re wearing your suit, do not carry any items in the pockets, especially things that are heavy or bulky. A good rule of thumb is to only carry cards and cash.

5. Try different colour belts 

Belts are not just for holding up your pants. Belts are an awesome accessory you can change to match your outfit. Most belts are brown, black, or another dark colour. This is fine if you wear a lot of dark pants, but what if you have a lot of light-coloured pants? You can’t just wear a black belt with light pants. This is where the colour of your belt becomes a big deal. You don’t have to limit yourself to brown and black. There are a lot of different colours of belts that look great with a pair of light-coloured pants.

Conclusion: The art of dressing well is not a talent that can be acquired by everyone. Sometimes, you may feel like you are wearing the best outfit, but you still don’t look as good as you want to. This is because you are not following 5 simple rules to look good in suits.

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