Top jobs one can get in business law

In today’s era, the jobs in business law are in high demand and highly paid. One can get a more secure job in this field. So, students can now pursue any business law course as there are great options for becoming the business law experts of tomorrow.

Business law includes matters such as real estate, intellectual property, and many others. However, it includes varieties of subjects such as political science, economics, and much more. To know more about it, stay tuned to this article.

List of jobs available in business law:

If you are interested in knowing about the jobs you can get in business law, you are at the right place. Resolve your doubts and choose any of the following jobs that deems most feasible for you. Below here are some of the common jobs that one can opt for a better future. Now let’s discuss each of them in detail:

Financial analyst

The main work of a financial analyst is to teach all businesses the ways to earn revenue from investments. They take care of all rules and regulations that a business needs to maintain while investing. A financial analyst is highly paid, with an average salary of about $69212 per year.

Corporate paralegal

A corporate paralegal helps the lawyer in their work. They help out in designing legal arguments, preparing legal documents, collecting evidence, and much more.

A corporate paralegal earns an amount of $70993 per year.


Judge is a common job in business law. A judge gives the final decision after deciding the matters and outcomes. Moreover, they need to follow certain rules and regulations inside the court.

They earn an average salary of about $94341 per year.

Litigation attorney

A litigation attorney is similar to a lawyer. Their main work is to handle all civil cases for the clients. Mainly they help to manage the negotiation that occurs during business disputes.

A litigation attorney is highly paid with an approximate salary of $102898 per year.


The other common job in business law is of the lawyer. The lawyer is the one who proves their client in the court in front of a judge. For any legal cases, a lawyer is hired. They can handle all sorts of civil and criminal cases.

In addition, their approximate salary for a year is $54188.

Human resources manager

A human resource manager entirely handles the human resources operations. They help the company choose new employees by checking their skills, taking interviews, and many other ways.

A human resource manager earns around $69221 per year.

Employee relations manager

An employee relations manager is the one who supports the employees in the working area. They manage all the communication that occurs between the employees and managing staff. Indeed, they organize meetings for the profession to check their skills.

An employee relations manager gets a salary of $71179 approximately per year.

Intellectual property paralegal

The work of an intellectual property paralegal is to develop trademarks of a company. This includes matters such as service trademark, paperwork, trade work, and much more. They also check whether the trade work is unique or not.

Their approximate salary is around $99116 per year.

Policy manager

A policy manager manages all the policies of a company. They work with state governments to check the legality of the policies. They also check whether the policy needs and changes or improvements.

A policy manager earns around $104748 annually.

Compliance officer

As we all know, a company needs to follow certain rules and regulations while running a business. So, the compliance officer checks whether the business is following the rules or not. They look towards the legality of the business.

The salary of a compliance officer is about $74873 annually.

Wrapping up:

Well, that was all about the jobs that are available in business law. One can undoubtedly choose any job irrespective of the salary as all are highly paid and respected. So, students can pursue any business law course for a bright career. Also, when they are in college, they don’t need to worry about their business law assignments as they can acquire business law assignment help.

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