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Top 6 Things to Do in Bogota

6 Things to Do in Bogota

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If you are planning for the vacations? Then, the best place for your vacation is Bogota. Bogota is one of the best places for your vacation. The city of Bogota offers so many amazing places to visit. All the places are very beautiful in Bogota.

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The best time to visit Bogota is between Decembers to March. And the Colombian peso is the currency in Bogota. Although the language spoken in Bogota is Spanish. If you want to get around in the city you can use a car, Taxi, or Bus to explore the things.

You’ll adore being surrounded by so much real culture, markets, and street art every day. And after you’ve fully explored La Candelaria and Zona Rosa, you may leave the city for a few day trips to historic towns, gorgeous lakes, and amazing waterfalls.

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Top 6 Things to Do in Bogota:

1. La Candelaria

This is usually the first thing people do when they arrive in Bogotá since La Candelaria is the city’s historic centre. Numerous tourist sites are nearby these lively, bohemian alleyways. There are various bars, cafes, and restaurants where you can get a drink and enjoy the entertainment.

2. The Gold Museum

The city’s gold museum, which has more than 30,000 pieces of gold, receives the most visitors. The museum is filled with items discovered from Colombia’s pre-Hispanic tribes. These people located the metals, mined them, and then crafted jewellery, masks, bowls, offerings, and armour out of them.

3. Street Art Tour

Graffiti tours are another highly well-liked activity in this area and a great way to see the best of the best. Your local tour guide will give you some background information on the artist as well as any political or social movements and paintings. It provides a sobering look at both Colombia’s troubled past and its promising future for Bogota.

4. Bogota by bike

Even though they might not seem like the best thing to do in a large, hectic city, bike tours throughout Bogotá are quite popular. They’re a terrific way to discover a few dispersed villages as well as ones you might skip on your own. Biking through that heavy traffic is actually easier than one might think, and the guides are great at keeping you safe and sharing anecdotes.

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5. Villa de Leyva

Visit one of Colombia’s most enchanting tiny colonial communities by getting out of the metropolis. This village’s Spanish-style architecture, which features a magnificent central square and cobblestone streets, has been preserved extremely well. If you want to spend the night, there are now a number of boutique hotels accessible. However, avoid the weekends because Bogota tourists flood here on the weekends, making it busy.

6. Eat More Colombian Food

There is a lot of cuisine accessible in Colombia. Lechona, the succulent, slowly roasted pig, and sancocho, a hearty, meat-filled stew with potatoes and corn, are some good tastes. You’ll have the opportunity to visit authentic markets and savor regional foods like empanadas, coffee, pastries, cheesy breads, fish stew, lechona, unique fruits, and pastries. Aguardiente, Colombian coffee, and their delicious fruit drinks are some of the best catches as well. Read also:- Spirit Seat Assignment

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