Top 2 Ways to Export Mailbox from Exchange to PST Easily

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As an Exchange user, you might have to often deal with the situation of exporting Exchange mailboxes to Outlook PST. All users have a different reason to make the copy of Exchange mailboxes data. It could be like taking backup of their data. At the same time, some think that PST is a portable file that can be easily converted into multiple file formats.

Many users should be curious to know how to Export Mailbox from Exchange to PST and always look for the best possible solution. If you are one of those who have lesser or no knowledge about the implementing migration method, read this write-up to acquire some knowledge about it.

Multiple Approaches to Export Exchange mailbox to PST

At first sight, the exporting to PST file looks like it’s a tough row to hoe. But having good knowledge and the best approach can make it easier. If we look at the available method to export mailbox from Exchange to PST, several manual options are available, like utilizing PowerShell commands, Exchange Admin Centre, Outlook. But these require excellent technical skills to overcome the problem that comes during exporting mailboxes.

On the other hand, several professionals avoid using a manual method as they consume more time, unable to export multiple mailboxes at the same time.

The next question will undoubtedly come to most users besides manual method how we can export out Exchange mailboxes into PST?

One such solution is professional third-party software. Running such software will not require knowing the technicalities involved in the export process and Exchange Server.

Check out the complete details about this approach to achieve your goals. 

Professional Utility to Hassle-Free Export Mailboxes from Exchange to PST

It is proved that the conventional method has some limitations while exporting Exchange mailboxes. Looking for tried & tested professional software is an excellent move. Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager tool efficiently exports the complete data of Exchange mailboxes to PST without making any alterations to their folder hierarchy. Some of the key features of the tool explaining its capabilities are mentioned below:

Folder Item Preview Facility

One of the main concerns for most Exchange users is that they will not be able to view the listed items under the Exchange mailbox folder. But this software offers a facility that lets users view their added file item under the preview pane.

Adds Multiple Exchange Mailboxes

If the user has more than one Exchange mailboxes of any size can add ups in this utility which will not make an impact on the software speed.

Incremental Export Option

The biggest fear while making the export process is the sudden abruption of the process. This tool gives a choice to the user before initializing the export Exchange mailbox to PST to select the incremental option. If any interruption comes, this option efficiently resumes the process from the point from where the process gets stopped.

Advance Filter option

If the user needs to exclude any particular item to get exported into PST, they can use the filter option of the software. This way, your resultant resultants PST file size also decreases, reducing the chances of corruption in it.

Search Facility

It comes along with advanced search capabilities, which can assist the user in locating the item according to several criteria. It will be Message Class, Attachment Name, BCC, Subject, and more.

Wrap Up

There is always a rush among the Exchange users to pick up the best strategies to export mailboxes from Exchange to PST without putting data at risk. So, we have provided you the decent information to make your task successful. Now it’s up to you to take the final decision which will not make you feel regret in the future.

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