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Things to do in Agadir

places to visit in Agadir

The beaches of fine sand in Agadir and crystal clear water. Also, the souk and the ruins of the Old City are just some of the many things to see in Agadir. The city offers a wide range of possibilities to the traveller who, when asked what to see in Agadir. Finds himself with different options that respond to the tastes of all types of tourists, from being able to rest on the beach. Not to mention, going into the desert for the most adventurers or soaking up the history of the metropolis. With Morocco travel itinerary you can have a wonderful Morocco honeymoon itinerary.

The sea is a structuring element of the city that runs parallel to the coast, which is why one of the things to visit in Agadir is its marina and promenade. It is always full of activity, restaurants. Also, shops, entertainment venues, etc.

Along with the coast, one of the places to see in Agadir is the Souss-Massa National Park. Essential for nature lovers, who can enjoy the landscapes. Not to mention, the sighting of waterfowl.

But it can be said that one of the most beautiful places in Agadir is the ruins of the Kasbah. also, the Old City that was destroyed in 1960 by an earthquake. Enjoying the view of Agadir from the old city is one of the best things to do in Agadir. Nowadays, especially at sunset.

In front of the ruins, the modern city, the new medina. The latter is another place to see in Agadir. The city was rebuilt after the earthquake. It is a mixture of old and new, modern and traditional. A place adapted to the new times but that has managed to maintain its true roots, where you can enjoy the essence of Morocco.

Finally, before leaving the city, what better way to do some shopping and take a souvenir of the place you have enjoyed. For this, the best market to visit in Agadir is the El Had souk. The largest in the region. Also, where you can find all kinds of typical products: handicrafts, argan, henna, honey… There are many things to do in Agadir, this wonderful coastal city in the southeast of Morocco.

Things to do in Agadir:

The first to do in Agadir is to walk at the Corniche:

The promenade is called the Corniche in French. It borders the long beach of Agadir. Also, It leaves from the Marina. The most luxurious leisure port in the city, to reach the most authentic southern part. It’s a bit like a Rambla. People come just for a walk. After their day at work, having an ice cream or eating nuts. But you’ll see that it’s very different from Spain. The young women go their own way, and the boys on the other side. They hardly greet each other. Also, if the woman goes alone, she doesn’t say hello. The dating couples go out with their parents, or with someone from their family. The couples you see are married couples only.

And then the families. They usually go out after dinner and stay out for quite a while. Along the seafront is where you find all the nightlife spots, bars and clubs as well.

Agadir beach has more than 6km of …

Agadir beach is more than 6km long. It is a beach of fine sand, with calm waters. It is what attracts so many tourists, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year Also, the water is warmer than the rest of the Moroccan coast. You can go to a part of the private beach, where you can have an umbrella. Also, your chair and they leave you in peace since it is an enclosure. With such a large beach it is a shame to have to be with everyone else locked up in a same place! You can rent boats and jet skis. There are activities for children too.

But the waves are almost non-existent, so it is not the place to surf. For that, you have to go further north, like in Taghazout for example. Visit blink postings.

Color, flavor and craftsmanship in The souk of Agadir.

The Grand Souk of Agadir is a totally different place from any souk in any of the cities. Also, towns of Morocco that we know. Not to mention, that we believe that this is due to the new city that was built after the earthquake that the area suffered in 1960.

When organizing and building the new city, the souk, which is still being expanded. It was built with perpendicular streets and organized by guilds, custom very introduced in the thought of the Moroccan. He knows what he wants and goes to the place where he can find it. Without having to go through the entire souk. The color is immense, the smell full of nuances. Also, the craft shops full of Berber products, the clothing area with the most beautiful caftans. After visiting Agadir you can go to Marrakech. The latter is where you can start your 3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga.

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