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The Non-Treatment Approach for Bed Bug Control

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Bed bugs are quite possibly the most troublesome pest issue you need to get rid of quickly. By a wide margin, the best solution for bed bugs is to employ a pest control organization with experience in effectively controlling bed bugs. Not everyone is willing to employ an expert to deal with their bed bug issue due to many reasons. And if you are one of them and want to try out DIY bed bug control, there are a few things you can do. With tirelessness and persistence and some difficult work, you have an opportunity of disposing of bed bugs in your home.

The best method for controlling bed bugs in your house is through a blend of chemical measures. And heat treatments applied by a Pest Management Professional (PMP). No matter where you live if you search for a “bed bug Inspections specialist near me” to employ an expert they might address the issues with the above treatment options.

But if you are determined to do it on your own, you’ll need to gather information about effective bed bug prevention and control at home. Controlling bed bugs without help from anyone else is truly challenging and tedious. It includes moving furnishings, family products, and individual things. Plan how you want to treat each room. Set up a “perfect zone”.


You can catch and crush them or catch them on sticky tape and eliminate them. This might lessen the number of bugs if repeated and done again and again.

Tools for hunting and destroying bed bugs: Flashlight, old charge card (or comparable) clear tape, plastic packs, and hot foam water.

Steps: Use the spotlight and credit card to scratch out bed bugs by moving the card along breaks and holes to push out the bugs. Use the sticky tape to trap the bugs. Use the hot foam water to wipe up infestations, bugs, blood stains, droppings, eggs and shed skins.


Vacuum fissure around baseboards, electronic appliances (like TVs and sound systems), and some other likely hidden places, like beds, sofas, bed frames, and dressers. If using a canister vacuum, quickly empty the stuff into a plastic pack, seal, and throw away. Clean the vacuum completely. If using a vacuum with a bag, quickly eliminate the bag and seal it in plastic for removal. Check the vacuum for any remaining bugs and kill them to stop the bed bugs spread further to dispose of the need to contact a local bed bug pest control.


Laundering is an exceptionally effective technique to treat things that can set in the washer or dryer. Collect linens and filthy garments and seal them in plastic bags until they can washed to eliminate the possibility of spreading bed bugs. Set the highest temperature the fabric can endure for washing and drying. If an item can’t be washed, dry it for 30 minutes at the highest temperature that the object can withstand.


Steam is an extremely successful method for bed bug control and the bed bug specialist Brisbane uses it too. Use a commercial steamer with a base limit of 1 gallon, ideally with volume control. A floor or upholstery attachment permits steam to penetrate the texture of furniture or curtains. To actually kill bed bugs, the surface temperature of the article being dealt with ought to be 160-180°F after the steam brush has passed. Use an infrared thermometer to screen the temperature. Be careful since steam can cause burns.


Freezing things that are infested is a simple method for killing bed bugs. All you will need is a cooler and some time. While freezing things to kill bed bugs you should leave the things in the cooler for at least 4 days, at a temperature that is at or lower than 0°F. Be cautious about what you freeze as freezing might cause damage.


Mattress covers stop bed bugs from hiding in the bedding, an ideal place for the bugs and hard to treat. If a sleeping mattress infested, cover it to contain the bed bugs. Which will begin to die after fourteen days however leave the cover on for a year and a half. Furthermore, bedding covers can without cleaned easily if another infestation happens. Buy a sleeping mattress cover that is made explicitly for bed bugs as covers are made distinctly to eliminate allergens that may not stop bed bugs.


Dry heat treatment is a powerful technique for controlling bed bugs. This treatment just directed by a Pest Management Professional to guarantee that pervaded things and rooms reach the necessary temperature for viable pest control. Don’t attempt a heat treatment without anyone else.

If the above treatment doesn’t work out for you, search for “bed bug Inspections near me” online. Some agencies offer affordable treatments along with a free inspection. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about your budget whilst employing such an agency.

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