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The First-Timers Travel Guide- Things to Do in Burbank

Things to Do in Burbank

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Are you looking for the best travel guide to Burbank? The city has plenty of places of attractions that are located within a 10-minute drive! In addition, the city is also known for housing the “best airport in the United States”.


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6 Things to Do in Burbank:


1. Visit the famous Burbank Park District Water Park


This public water park has entertained local families for more than 40 years with its areas for laps and leisure. In addition, this park has two water slides, two diving boards, and a zero-depth water playground for children up to the age of 9.


2. enjoy a day trip to Haunted Trails Family Entertainment Center


Visit this attraction full of a fun, spooky theme. In addition, this center has been part of the local scenery since the 1970s and offers a ton of fun activities for kids. There are Haunted Trails that have an outdoor go-kart track, 18 holes of miniature golf, with a “Crazy Cabs” carnival ride. 


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3. have an amazing tour in Buffalo Woods


Come to this Cook County Forest preserve, located at the tip of a large natural area. This preserve continues for miles to the south and southwest, crossing the Des Plaines River into DuPage County. Here, you will find the main parcel at Buffalo Woods that is on the Palos Trail System. This system is made up of more than ten, color-coded, interconnecting trails adding up to over 30 miles.

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4. hop into the Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn


If traveling with kids, then come to this museum been operated by a non-profit organization. the most famous museum offers endless interactivity and open-ended learning for kids. Look for the exhibits at the Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn designed to encourage creativity, roleplaying, and building, giving parents a teaching role as you go. Also, there are Imagination Playground, large soft building blocks, various animal shelter roleplay, 


5. discover the famous Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture


Another interesting site is open from the 1930s onwards. Come to this Burbank, where the cities like Oak Lawn, West Lawn, and Cicero were settle by a large contingent of first or second-generation immigrants from East Europe. There are numerous things which you can explore here!


6. explore and visit the Mabenka

Being a great asset for Burbank, this center is the string of local restaurants, delis, and bakeries along 79th street. You will find international, with more emphasis on Polish/Lithuanian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican food. The center is located at the corner of 79th and Cicero Ave. Also, this has been part of the local scene for more than three decades.

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