TerraClean: What’s The Purpose & How It Works?

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TerraClean is a patented technology designed to clean the inside of your vehicle’s fuel system. Removing carbon from engines can improve performance, reduce emissions, and increase component life. It is provided through a network of over 500 dealers across the UK and Ireland as a carbon cleaning service. TerraClean provides expert mechanical services understanding and implementation of engine diagnostics to identify and fix carbon-related issues in vehicles. 

TerraClean’s wide range of tools and equipment enables TerraClean dealers to clean injectors, combustion chambers, EGR Valves, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), and sensors to ensure optimum engine performance and efficiency. TerraClean is the only option to consider when it comes to cleaning, whether it’s using hydrogen-based technology or basic carbon cleaning alternatives.

What is its purpose?

TerraClean is an innovative new cleaning system for gasoline and diesel vehicles. TerraClean offers Expert Mechanical Services and a range of tools and equipment that enables the Engineering Technicians to clean injectors, combustion chambers, EGR & Turbo Valves, and Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs), and sensors to assist in achieving maximum engine efficiency. Do not consider using hydrogen-based technology or basic carbon cleaning alternatives – TerraClean should be used every time.

How does a TerraClean work?

TerraClean’s purpose is to restore efficiency to your vehicle’s engine by removing harmful carbon deposits that build up and cause your car to overheat, resulting in diminished performance, increased fuel consumption, increased emissions, and shortened component life.

During your service, one of the TerraClean machines will be connected to your vehicle (petrol or diesel).

Using patented technology, the machines will fuel your vehicle with highly refined, non-harmful fuel while removing any carbon build-up from your car.

TerraClean not only cleans fuel injectors and carburettors but continues to clean post-combustion – cleaning the combustion chamber, exhaust valves, turbocharger (where fitted), catalytic converter/diesel particulate filters (where fitted), and lambda sensors.

Is Terraclean effective?

Yes. The TerraClean system of cleaning is unique in the world. It does not just use conventional chemicals, but it also uses patented technologies. TerraClean is a product that cleans from the injectors to the combustion process and also tends post-combustion. It cleans the diesel particulate filter as well. There are generally products that are very good at cleaning intake and injectors but are not very good at cleaning post-combustion areas. Other equipment on the market claims to clean a system. Still, it does not use the same technology and formulation, so they only clean the intake and injection, not the entire system, including the post-combustion parts of the fuel system.

Corbon emissions; an alaming scenario:

Carbon emissions are a hot topic and have become a deal-breaker when selecting a car. TerraClean’s advanced cleaning system effectively eliminates carbon deposits, allowing you to reduce your emissions considerably. As carbon reduces efficiency and shortens the life of specific components, removing it helps prevent the need for maintenance. In this way, TerraClean extends the life of these components, improving performance and lowering operating costs.

The Benefits Of Terraclean

With the help of a licensed service agent, a thorough TerraClean de-carbonizes your vehicle’s engine. And helps you restore performance, reduce emissions and improve the economy. Carbon deposits removed by the cleaning service negatively impact your vehicle’s performance. Which is why there is a significant performance improvement. The increase in fuel efficiency can also be dramatic, with respected motoring journalist Quinton Wilson reporting a 14% improvement in MPG (miles per gallon) in his Sunday Mirror column.

As part of the carbon cleaning process, you will be able to keep your engine and its parts clean, improving your car’s performance. The build-up of carbon on various aspects of your engine can significantly affect their performance. And ultimately lead to long-term damage. Excess carbon or soot can cause severe problems to parts like EGR valves, DPFs, intake manifolds, and injectors if exposed to high temperatures. You will likely have to spend a great deal of money to repair these parts. Carbon cleaning is a great way to prevent all of this by keeping the details of your engine clean so that they can function more effectively. In a nutshell, it can provide the following benefits:

  • Regained vehicle performance.
  • Improved fuel economy, saving you money on fuel.
  • By increasing lambda efficiency, idle becomes smoother.
  • Savings on costly repairs by prolonging component life.
  • Reduced vehicle emissions.
  • Immediate drive-away difference.  
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