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Sthita Prarthana Asana,Bhumipad Mastakasana and Bhringasana Asana

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This is also a posture of Prarthanasana, in which the body is kept stable, hence it is called Sthita Prarthana Asana.

Benefits of Sthita Prarthana Asana:

Simple and beneficial for both men and women. Makes the body stable and energetic.

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Method of doing Sthita Prarthana Asana:

Stand up straight. Keep the toes of both feet in front. Now bring both the hands in front of the chest and join them together. In this position, keep the body loose but do not let it bend. Keep your sight in front.

This position is also the first step of Surya Namaskar.


There is a simple asana for both men and women.

Time to do Sthita Prarthana Asana:

Practice this asana for eight to ten minutes.

  • Bhumipad Mastakasana

Like other asanas, Bhumi Pada Mastakasana derives its name from Sanskrit in which “Bhumi” means “earth”, “pada” means “feet”, “mastaka” means “head” and “asana” means “Mudra or Yoga”.

Method of doing Bhumipad Mastakasana:

  • Lying on the ground on the stomach, slowly raising the buttocks, and keeping the hands on the buttocks, stand on the head and feet.
  • To complete this asana, lying on the stomach, bringing the knees to the bottom of the abdomen, slowly raising the buttocks.


breathe normally when coming into the pose

In the beginning, practice up to 3 times, gradually increasing the posture.

Benefits of Bhumipad Mastakasana:

  • This removes many disorders of the brain and gives strength and the feet also get a lot of strength.
  • This strengthens the neck and shoulders.

Bhumipad Mastakasana Precautions:

  • People who have high blood pressure or dizziness should not do this asana.
  • Do not do this asana if you have any kind of problem related to the brain.
  • Those who have weak eyes should also avoid this asana.

Bhringasana Asana 

What is Bhringasana?

While doing this asana, the shape of the body of the seeker appears like a buffoon, because the buffalo has six legs. Two legs, two knees, and two hands are his six legs. It is also called ‘Shatpad’.

Benefits of bhringasana:

If there is gas in the stomach, hunger, non-digestion of food, constipation, obstruction in urination, then this asana is very beneficial.

Method of Bhringasana:

  • First of all, by laying a posture on the ground, bend your knees and take your feet backward. Rest the left buttocks on the right heel and the left buttocks on the left heel. Keep in mind, your heels meet each other
  • If done, lie down on your toes.
  • Now while breathing inwards, slowly bend the body towards the front and keeping both the elbows between the knees (goes), completely deposit the part from the elbow to the palms of the hands on the ground. And keep the fingers of the hands together.
  • Stay in this position for as long as possible, then while exhaling out, lift up and come to the previous position, and after relaxing the body for a few moments, then repeat the action again.

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In this posture, one can sit with the knees bent and the heels of the feet together and placed under the buttocks.

Time to Bhringasana:

You can easily do this asana once or twice daily.

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