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Parents pay attention before you start; this is for you! Yes, the title of this post looks like it will contain information about solar energy for kids, but I am sure that you, too, will have a moment of rest, and your knowledge will increase. Solar energy is no only an amusing STEM subject, but it has the potential to change the world, and it is one of the many puzzle pieces that can solve the climate crisis that most countries of the world are facing.

Solar energy study for kids:

Imagine that solar panels are just like plants available in the house to understand easily. After receiving light from the sun, plants use photosynthesis to convert it into energy, which is essential for the survival and growth of plants. Solar panels work in the same way and convert sunlight into energy thanks to a solar mount system available on the ground or the flat roof of your home.

Process of generating the electricity:

The structure of each solar panel is such that it is made up of many connected solar cells, and these cells are made up of a few layers of material. Two films of silicon (the second most plentiful element available in the Earth’s crust) are usually sandwiched between conductive materials. As a result, one side of the silicon sandwich always has additional electrons (building it negatively charged). Likewise, the side of the silicon sandwich has additional holes for electrons to budge into (building it positively charged).

When sunlight hits the silicon, the energy from the sun hits the electrons in the negatively charged side of the silicon in this process. These electrons then run through the conductive material (used in the process) to the positively charged surface of the silicon sandwich, generating an electric current. The generated (DC) direct current flows from your solar cells in your solar panels to the inverter. Inverters convert DC voltage to alternating current (AC) voltage because DC is not used directly in homes, and then this AC supplies power to your home.

Activities regarding solar energy:

I think science is enough, now is the time to do some activities regarding solar energy technology. There are many activities related to solar energy, some of which are simple and some complex, so it would be better to separate them by age.

Elementary School:

  1. Go on an electricity searcher hunt in your residence to discover all the places and items that specifically use electricity
  2. Play Power Up! a game designed by NASA’s climate kids program where the main objective is to enhance your renewable power sources to powerhouses
  3. Discover about the power of sunlight using old crayons and sunscreens

Junior High School:

  1. Do you want to do something new using household items and light a bulb? Follow these instructions thoroughly to jump into a super life hack about power transfer from food consumption, or learn extra about electricity and power transfer by following this research using magnets and a little additional saltwater.
  2. Must make a video of your solar energy experiment and share it with your friends and family members.

High school:

  1. Grab a carbon footprint calculator test and learn about what your environmental impact is and what things you can perfectly do to diminish that

Final Words:

Kids have many questions in their minds when they see anything new in the world. And always they want to learn about each and everything happening surrounding them. This post will not help reduce their thirst for knowledge of solar energy, but elders will also learn about many things.

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