Setting Up A Shopify Webshop

You can make a Shopify account and storefront directly from their website. When you do, you’ll be asked what you’re selling, what your prices are, what your brand’s name is, and more questions to customize your storefront. Shopify allows sellers to manage their products and inventory through the platform, while also processing payments from customers and offering shipping options to get your products out the door. You can get in touch with Shopify Web Design Agency in Washington

After creating your Shopify store, you can link it and sell with it on your website, social media accounts, brick-and-mortar stores, and more. No matter how you sell, Shopify has a way to help you out.

Shopify is an excellent system to set up a webshop. Whatever product you want to sell – There is always a suitable web store to build. With these practical tips you can quickly and easily set up your new webshop.

Drawing up a plan

First, start by drawing up a plan for your Shopify website . Perhaps you already have an idea for the precise layout and layout of your website. Be sure to look for inspiration, because examples will only make setting up your webshop easier. When do you want to finish your webshop? You may be able to communicate this via social media or other channels. Also consider whether you want to create the webshop from scratch, or whether you want help setting up your Shopify site. After all, you can work this out to your liking. Drawing up such a plan provides guidance.

Create a Shopify account

Plan drawn up? Then it’s time to create a Shopify account. If you first want to look around and try out settings without obligation: Shopify is free in the first period. So you are not immediately committed to anything.

Theme forms the basis

Once you’ve set up the plan and created your account, then choose a theme! The theme determines how your website will look. From a free theme to a paid theme, find out what you prefer. Pay attention to the appearance of the final website. Are you going for a beautiful and practical webshop with your chosen theme?

Create home page

The homepage is the foundation of your website. Preferably set this up as soon as possible, even if the webshop is not yet ready. You can always add some information here, as well as images.

Organize pages

Besides the homepage, the pages on your site play an important role. Think of the contact page, the page about your company and the privacy statement. Make sure the information is clear on these pages.

Add products

Add your products to your webshop as soon as possible! Fortunately, this works easily via Shopify: it is self-explanatory how to bring information and images together. Arrange the individual products on the basis of collections, so that it does not become a mess. Your order process can now also go live.

Menu of the webshop

As soon as the pages and products have been added, you can adjust the navigation within the webshop. Set up a clear menu. This is important when visiting a website via a computer or a telephone. Think about a logical layout that practically describes what can be found on your site .

Add apps

You can add different apps to your Shopify website , which make the picture just that little bit more complete. Take a look around the apps store to see what you can choose from. From popups to chat features, it’s all handy.

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