Russian Lash Extensions

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Russian Lash Extensions

What is Russian Lash Extensions?

Russian extensions of lashes are put on using a method that utilizes multiple lashes to create a personalized fan. Utilizing ultra-light, soft mascara, these fans are made and then glued to lashes individually to create a multi-lash dense look.

Contrary to conventional lashes, where an individual extension is glued to the natural lash Russian mascaras is designed to provide an elongated lash look. Russian extensions for lashes come in a variety of curls, thicknesses, and lengths. This means that the perfect look can be made.

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 How Long Will Russian extensions of the Lash last?

It is suggested to have Russian eyelashes that aren’t filled in each two or three weeks. The frequency of infills is contingent on the natural cycle of growth that varies from person to individual. Extensions last as long as six weeks for natural hair lashes.

Professional Tips for Technicians who apply Russian Eyelash Extensions

Separation is crucial and you can utilize magnifying glasses to enhance productivity. It is possible to remove some of the natural top layer with microspore tape to gain access to smaller, finer lashes.

Express Lash Extensions

What are Express Lash Extensions?

When you have this Express Treatment, individual synthetic “mink” lashes are applied along the lash line to create beautiful lashes in less than 30 minutes. This treatment is done with a soft fashion or layered to create a attractive look, depending on the style you prefer.

 For How Long Will Extensions For Express Lash Last?

This quick and efficient treatment can last for as long as two weeks. After that, it should be eliminated.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

What is the deal with Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid extensions for lashes are a combination of two types of lashes – Classic Lashes along with Russian lashes. This style gives you a defined but fluffy and full set of eyes.

How long do Hybrid Lash extensions last?

We suggest removing lashes each two or three weeks. The frequency of infills depends on your natural growth cycle that is different from person to. Extensions can last for up to six weeks for natural mascara!

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How Long Do They Last?

Hair extensions are constantly shed and growing, without aware of that it is happening. This natural cycle can affect how long your extensions last. A set of extensions can last for up to four weeks. In that the time, you’ll notice gaps appear between natural eyelashes as well as the extensions.

It is recommended to get refills every two or three weeks to ensure the fullness of your lashes. To put it in perspective, Richardson says that 50 to 80 percent of extensions remain on the lash, while lashes that have grown too long are taken off and replaced.

What Should I Do To Care For My Eyelash Extensions?

For the initial 48-hour period following your lash appointment is crucial. You must allow the glue to completely dry and set during this period. Richardson suggests avoiding steam, sweat, water as well as any oil-based makeup products or remover for makeup.

There’s no reason to let anything interfere with the adhesive, and weakening the hold of your mascara. Be careful not to touch the extensions with your eyes, or using a curler that could damage the extensions.

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