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Pursue Diploma in Travel Tourism & Airport Handling from a Reputed Institute

The travel industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries. The industry is providing various opportunities to students. It is a gateway for the students who wish to pursue their careers in the travel industry. By pursuing a diploma in travel tourism & airport handling students can learn in detail the work required in this process.

During the course, students are introduced to various subjects such as Airport Handling, Ticketing, Tourism, French Language, Personality Development, Hospitality, Communication, and Computer Reservation System (Galileo).

As people travel from one place to another, there is a great requirement of professionals who can serve at airports. The skilled workforce is important for the aviation industry to sustain and grow. From handling airport operations to providing services in the flight, there are various job responsibilities.

With the number of airlines increasing in the aviation industry in India and abroad, more professionals are required. The industry requires various professionals such as Flight Attendants, Travel desk executive, Guest Coordinator, Air Hostess, and many more.

There are various departments such as Airline Ticketing, Cargo and Transportation, Customer service, Passenger handling, Baggage handling, and more where professionals are required to manage different tasks. In addition to this, airlines also require someone to handle ground operations. Hence, there are diverse roles required to be performed at the airport.

Jobs after PG diploma in aviation & tourism management

After completing the diploma course, students can make a successful career in the travel industry. They can work as itinerary planners and suggest places for people to enjoy their holidays. They can provide holiday packages that include luxurious facilities to customers.

With experience in serving the customers, students can work as travel agents and establish a business. If the students are more interested in pursuing a career in the government sector, they can try for government jobs.

The students who wish to enhance career opportunities can pursue a PG diploma in aviation & tourism management. It is a one year course that provides students with the knowledge of various subjects such as Tourism, Air Fares and Ticketing, Computer Reservation System, and foreign language.

Under Tourism, students are provided enhanced knowledge of land transport through rail, car, water transport, air transport, tour packages, travel formalities, and more. In addition to this, Air Fares and Ticketing is one of the most essential subjects.

Air Fares and Ticketing provides students to their knowledge of passenger air tariff, IATA geography and global indicator, currency rules, passenger air tariff, fare selection criteria, international sales indicator, and more. In addition to this, students are also given the knowledge of the French language.


After completing the course from a recognized institute, students can get good job opportunities. The students can start working with travel agencies, airlines or can also find a role in the airport. At the airports, there is a great requirement for ground staff. According to the choice of students, they can find a suitable role. After working in a position of their choice, students can gain experience in the field and look for better career opportunities.

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