Planning to buy a boiler? Here Are 5 Things To Look For In A Steam Boiler Company

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When buying a technical piece of machinery, people want to feel secure that they’re purchasing from a trusted company. Since big pieces of machinery play a critical role in many industries, people strive to look for companies they can count on when an issue happens. After all, your machinery’s performance will be affecting your operations.

One of the pieces of machinery that many industries rely on is steam boilers. Even though they’re more known for producing steam, these pieces of machinery do vital work for many businesses. Steam boilers are even present in the healthcare industry and the service industry. Without them, our daily lives would change instantly. Truthfully, steam boilers contribute to the convenience we’re experiencing today.

If you’re starting a business or are looking for a new steam boiler brand, you’re also likely targeting a company that could help you. A company that can immediately address your needs when your boiler is not working as you expect it to during demanding situations. Before purchasing a steam boiler from a company, you should first know their background and experience to avoid disappointments.

If you’re planning on buying a boiler, this post is for you. Here are five things to look for in a steam boiler company.

1- Company’s online reputation, presence, and performance

In today’s digital world, we can now know about a person or an organisation through the internet. But not everything we see online is real. And so, you have to take the time to research a company’s website, partner websites, and social media pages before purchasing a steam boiler from them.

You have to check if the details they’re posting on any online platform are consistent, reliable, and legitimate. If they’re also listing their steam boilers on other websites, it would be better if you could double-check the validity of the details they’re posting. Since anyone can now alter what they’re posting to their advantage, it’s easy to deceive clients.

As you check the company’s online presence, make sure to check if the messaging, performance and service they’re offering to their clients seem real or not. You might be wondering, why is this important? Because it can tell you how easy it is to communicate with them and how transparent they are about their products and services.

2 – The types of steam boilers that they offer

Now that you’ve researched the company’s online performance, it’s time to start your inquiring process. It’s time to get on the phone with them or visit their office for a more detailed customer inquiry experience. But before inquiring, you have to know what type of steam boiler you’re looking for and its main work in your business operations.

That’s why the first question you should ask them is what types of steam boilers they’re offering? Get to know the different boiler models they have and what’s the best features of each. Then, inform them why you’re looking for a new steam boiler.

You may want to identify the issues you’re having with your boiler if you’re looking for a new boiler to replace your old one. If the boilers they’re selling have features you’re unfamiliar with, clarify it with them. That way, you know the full specifications of their different steam boilers and how you can utilise them.

3 – The service inclusions that come with their boilers (warranties, servicing, parts replacement, etc.)

Sometimes, most steam boiler manufacturers offer the same boiler types under a different brand name. Everything’s the same, from the features to its structure. They only differ in their branding and handlers. Are you wondering about the only deal-breaker? The answer is none other than their service inclusions.

If you’ve already inquired from other boiler companies, you probably see how almost all of them offer the same boiler types. However, each company’s service inclusions vary from the other. Some offer a better warranty period, while some don’t offer any service maintenance at all.

If you need a steam boiler for your daily business operations, you may want to go for a company that offers unlimited servicing perks. It’s critical, most especially if your business produces chemicals and such. Keep in mind that steam boilers are expensive. So having a company that offers service perks that would help you save money from additional costs is an advantage.

4 – The flexibility of their payment plans

Since steam boilers can be heavy on the pocket, buying from a company that offers a flexible payment plan is an advantage. If you’ll be buying more than one steam boiler, this factor is likely critical to your decision whether to purchase from a company or not.

Usually, steam boilers’ price starts at $4,000. However, the boilers you can buy for that price are not as efficient as high-quality boilers that start at $8,000. How much do you think it would cost if you were to buy more than one boiler for your business?

That’s why a company that offers a flexible payment plan is a must. Unless you have the funds to pay for the boilers upfront, this is a factor that you must consider well. After all, it would cost you so much money.

5 – Their previous clients’ opinions and reviews about their steam boilers and client services

Last but not least is their previous clients’ reviews about their boilers and services. If all the previous points I shared are okay with you, you might want to know the opinions of their previous clients before buying a boiler. Why? So you’ll understand the reviews of other businesses with their boilers in real life.

As we know, many companies are good at marketing their products and services. Unfortunately, many also fail to prove their claims once clients use their products in real life. Since steam boilers play a vital role in your business, this factor is critical for you.

You may want to go the extra mile and get in touch with their previous clients. Ask them if there are any issues with their steam boilers. You might also want to clarify if the company’s boiler services inclusions are as they’re claiming them to be or not. There’s nothing wrong with asking their previous clients about the boilers. After all, it’s a massive investment purchase for your business.

Be wise in choosing a steam boiler company and take your time in deciding.

Hopefully, these five points I shared will help you choose the right steam boiler company. Don’t rush into buying a boiler without understanding the company’s inclusions, payment plans, customer service, and other things you require. After all, steam boilers will be doing important work for your business. So you should choose one that you can utilise for a long time.

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Trilogy Boilers Australia, a veteran specialising in boiler and burner installations, servicing, engineering, and industrial gas plumbing.

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Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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