Photo Editing Tricks in Movavi Photo Editor

It’s a well-known fact that you can do nearly anything you need with your photos assuming you have the right programming. In any case, with regards to complex photo editing, the projects can get pretty mind-boggling. We have a less complex arrangement to invest a ton of energy learning how to utilize it.

We’ve taken the most famous photo control ideas – levitation, cloning, magazine covers – and explored different avenues regarding them in Movavi Photo Editor. Would you be able to investigate what we concocted?

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Photo Editing Tricks in Movavi Photo Editor


1. Levitation

Assuming you think gifted entertainers can play out the levitation stunt, let us discredit you. You’ll require a suitable picture – an individual sitting on a seat or climbing a stepping stool. The thought here is to eliminate the particle and cause it to appear as though the individual is floating in mid-air. You can bookmark photo editing tricks in Movavi photo editor.

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2. Select the Object

Transfer the picture to the editor and open the Object Removal tab. Using one of the devices, you can eradicate everything that keeps the individual from flying:

  • Utilize the Selection Brush to choose the items you need to erase openly
  • Mark objects of a similar shading with the Magic Wand
  • Select items by tracing their outlines using the Lasso apparatus
  • At the point when you delete an item, the program replaces it with pixels from the picture. It is vital to change the Variation slider, as it influences the reach from which these pixels you can take. It relies upon the item’s size and the foundation, so attempt different variety values until you find the one that turns out best for your picture.
  • To deselect parts of the picture, utilize the Selection Eraser device. Or then again, you can click Reset Selection to begin once again.

3. Select Small Details

Focus on the image by holding Ctrl and scrolling up. Press and hold the spacebar, then, at that point, utilize the Hand apparatus to move around the picture. It will assist you with selecting the article all the more unequivocally and not abandoning a single detail. Remember to choose the article’s shadow!

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4. Eliminate the Object(s)

Click Start Erasing and let the editor do something amazing. Focus, as there might, in any case, be purported antiquities left – tiny pieces of the article that you can not eliminate. You can dispose of them with the assistance of the Stamp instrument. Press and hold Alt, then, at that point, click on the foundation to duplicate the region. You can bookmark photo editing tricks in Movavi photo editor. Then, at that point, discharge the Alt key and veil the antiquity with the duplicated foundation. Paint over every one of the remaining regions until you have a good picture of a levitating individual.

5. Cloning

You don’t need to trust that a logical advancement will have you cloned. You can bookmark photo editing tricks in Movavi photo editor. It would be ideal in the other way that you had two or three comparable photos – how about we call them Photo 1 and Photo 2.

6. Separate the Person from the Background

Transfer Photo 1 to the editor and open the Change Background tab. Then, you want to choose the frontal area; there are two methods for doing this:


Mark the frontal area object you need to keep with the green Brush+ apparatus and add a couple of strokes to the foundation with the red Brush device. Change the Boundary Smoothness: excessively sharp edges will make you resemble a cardboard pattern, and you will resemble an apparition due to the obscured limits. If this isn’t the impact you’re going for, find the right equilibrium by adjusting the slider.


Utilize the Lasso to choose the item by tracing its outline. This instrument works best while selecting objects with colours that differentiate from the foundation tones.

7. Refine the Edges

Presently you can choose the item more exactly. Add or deduct regions with the assistance of the Mask Brush – use it to paint over the article’s boundaries. Assuming a few defects remain, you can fix them in Step 3.

8. Supplant the Background

Add Photo 2 as the new foundation. Change the pattern size (Photo 1) and move it around to find the best spot for it. You can make a real size clone or a miniature duplicate depending on your imaginative choice.

Here you can likewise conceal all the proof of photo control:

  • Obscure edges to make the picture fit better in its new setting.
  • Shift edges to dispose of any thin lines from the old foundation
  • Change the tones behind the scenes to conceal any distinctions in lighting and splendour.

Okay, your twin is prepared! So why stop here? However, add a few additional clones (don’t go overboard):

  • Open one more image of you and rehash stages 1-2 (separate the article from the foundation and refine the edges)
  • At Step 3, utilize a straightforward foundation for your image
  • Save the outcome as a PNG record
  • Open the photo with the initial two clones, and go to the Insert Image tab
  • Click Paste an Image and transfer the image of the third clone
  • Find the best spot for the clone, change the size and revolution point as you wish
  • Save the outcome and rehash these means with however many pictures you need

9. Magazine Сover

Here is your opportunity to show up on the front of your number one magazine or even make your distribution. The “cover” can likewise turn into a cool birthday card for somebody assuming you make additional pages to make it look more sensible – add stories, photos, and wishes about the individual.

10. Set up the Portrait

Pick an image with representation direction or harvest the edges, if fundamental. Likewise, there should be a space over the head to add the magazine title.

Go to the Retouching tab to dispose of any blemishes:

  1. Eliminate flaws, wrinkles, and skin shine
  2. Add cosmetics: establishment, mascara, become flushed, eyeshadow, lip tint
  3. Brighten teeth, fix red-eye, and play with the reshaping instruments
  4. Presently you have the ideal selfie deserving of being on the cover. Save the picture as Copy 1.

11. Add the Title

Go to the Text tab and add the magazine’s title to overlay the head. Pick one of the extravagant textual styles, change the text obscurity and the outline width, then adjust the text to the middle. Save the outcome as Copy 2. You can bookmark photo editing tricks in Movavi photo editor.

12. Make the Cover

Open Copy 1 and go to the Change Background tab. Please select the individual in the forefront using the Brush or the Lasso as we did in the Cloning instructional exercise. Brush along the determination edges with the Hair Selection Tool to manage troublesome regions like flyaway hair.

At Step 3, supplant the foundation with Copy 2. The figures in the two pictures should overlay each other impeccably. The upper layer will likewise cover a piece of the subtitle, making the photo resemble a genuine magazine.

Each magazine cover needs headlines! Think of a few interesting inscriptions or mysteries and add them to the cover, as well – pick various textual styles and improving components, and change the text boundaries. You can likewise add channels from the Effects tab if you need.

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