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Online Indoor Plants to Bring Luck Home

Indoor plants are known to have magical abilities to make you feel good. Looking at the luscious green plants in your personal space can instantly lift your mood and render stress-free living. With the changing world, people are occupied with work related thoughts even at their homes. This makes them burdened and thus leads to enormous ailments. The idea of house plants has brought significant differences in their work environment and is proven to be productive. 

The notion of gifting indoor plants has become popular in recent times and in fact such gifts are loved by the people who receive them. Rather than spending money on unhealthy and useless complements, green plants interpret your love and care for that person. Life has been made easy with the arrival of the online stores by which you can send these green beings to make the life of your loved ones beautiful. Have a look at this list of 5 finest indoor plants online that will guide you to bring one home.

Jade plants or Crassula ovata

Crassula ovata commonly known as Jade plants, money plants or lucky plants  are succulent plant varieties. These plants can survive well with less water and are easy to be taken care of. You can often spot the straight species of these plants online with fleshy oval-shaped leaves but another species called Spoon Jade with tubular leaves may also be available. These indoor varieties are best grown with good lighting conditions and the good news is they can be easily multiplied. You can buy these best indoor plants online and decorate your space with its tender foliage.

Lucky Bamboo or Dracaena sanderiana 

Originating from the tropical rainforests of South-east Asia and Africa, Lucky Bamboo is popular as it is trusted to bring luck and is distinctive in that they are grown in water. The number of stalks of this plant is of prime attention and if there are two stalks, it is believed to double the fortune. It is advised to replace the water two to three times in a week and make sure to keep the roots wet. Indirect sunlight is appropriate for lucky bamboo plants and so these can be placed in living rooms or study rooms. Deliver these treasurable indoor plants in India to anywhere and show your love for them. 

Flamingo Lily or Anthurium andraeanum

Ranking first in the list of NASA’s air purifying plants, Anthurium with its red flamingo flowers is a heart throbber making it a perfect gift for valentines day. The exotic red anthurium adds brightness to your living space with its shiny deep green leaves. These houseplants are  known for their heart-shaped red flowers which can bloom throughout the year under appropriate environment conditions. Order these colourful indoor plants online and astonish your special people on their big day. 

Arrowhead Plant or Syngonium podophyllum

As the name implies, Arrowhead Plants Online love to spread in all directions and that makes it suitable for spacious areas. These plants thrive well in low-light conditions and are easy to maintain. The Pink Syngonium is elegant whereas the lushy green varieties are ravishing and make them suitable for hanging pots in living spaces. These indoor plants for sale at affordable price ranges in many online stores which you can take a gander at. 

Bunny Ear Cactus or Opuntia microdasys

The Bunny Ear Cactus is a prickly yet adorable plant which comes with effortless maintenance instructions. Also called as Polka dot cactus, these potted plants have the magical power to make your work table admirable. It can survive well in direct sunlight and hence can be placed near windows or open spaces. Buy these cute indoor plants online in india from anywhere to surprise your office buddy on their work anniversary.

Aloe Vera or Aloe barbadensis

Known to have miraculous medicinal properties, Aloe vera is a houseplant which can store water in its leaves. The aloe gel is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that can rejuvenate your skin and heal your body. Order these online indoor plants with a range of therapeutic properties for a safe and sound life journey.

Final thoughts!

Houseplants have ample benefits of improving mood, lowering stress, purifying the air in our surroundings and so on. The emerging indoor plant gift ideas have opened the doors for numerous online stores that have proven themselves with the on-time and safe delivery protocols.

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