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New Year Party in Delhi

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What you were sitting at home on the 31st of night. That sounds sad. Well, I had an amazing start to 2022. Delhi has so many amazing new year party celebration destinations that it took us a whole day to decide as to where we should go because of so many options. It felt like we could go there but that place is also good, that is good, this is good. Oh my god, I think I have places for almost all the new year celebrations which I am going to celebrate.

The Lalit Hotel

One who lives in Delhi must have heard about the Lalit hotel as it is one of the most popular 5 star hotels in Delhi giving you all types of comfort and luxury. It is spacious and comfortable and a perfect place to spend the last week of the year cuddling up with family and friends in a cozy and luxurious hotel.  They provide excellent service 24 hours, Gym with cardio suit and yoga room, luxury spa, art gallery, outdoor pool with underwater music. Like while swimming underwater you can listen to music doesn’t it sound amazing. 

And you know what the best part is that you don’t need to go anywhere else as everything is there in The Lalit Hotel. Even the cuisine is made by very experienced and talented chefs which is literally mouth watering. 

Utsav Farmhouse 

 You’ll confront new and distinctive experiences to satisfy you the whole year. It provides you with bonfires for the night jamming, enjoying it’s warmth while the new year is heading and also enjoy DJ and dance the whole night until your legs give up welcoming the new year with all music, fun, dance, entertainment and enjoyment. 

They also provide a great variety of drinks and snacks. You can enjoy the bonfire, dance, party and music while having tasty and finger licking  snacks and drinks to cheer the welcoming of the new year. It is also not far from the main road thus very easy to find and with a great environment and ambience. Party king size for your next new year celebration. 

India Gate

Just imagine you are standing under one of the most famous monuments of India which has a great significance for the country and get mesmerized by the fireworks shot up as soon as the clock strikes 12 welcoming the new year with colors, joy, excitement and abundance of enjoyment. What a more perfect new year celebration than this can be. 

The famous tourist monument destination in India which attracts an infinite number of tourists from all over the world has more than 70000 people during the new years eve witnessing the beautiful fireworks which takes place and enjoying the new year with their family and friends. In fact people from different parts of the country travel all over to Delhi just to celebrate the New year’s eve under India gate. This place is so overwhelming during this time that it can satisfy you for the entire year with it’s beautiful memories. I am sure it will be one of the ebay new year celebrations which you would have celebrated till date. 

The Leela 

The Leela Hotel, Delhi welcomes you to the grand New Year’s Eve with the show of Punjabi singer and matinee idol Hardy Sandhu’s live performance. They not solely provide you with the sparkling live music however also offers you a range of eating platforms, which incorporates dinner buffet, cuisines of Delhi, Oriental Barbecue and Western Barbecue. Also they supply you with a good variety of drinks and beverages.

You can book a room at the hotel if you want to wake up with the most comfortable and cozy morning on the first day of 2022 with the essence of a luxurious breakfast buffet.

Live singing with the famous singers vibing to music while welcoming the new year is something where all music lovers will love to spend their 31st. Thousands of people are celebrating their 31st with this hotel having one of their memorable new years. 

The Umrao 

Do you want to spend your new year’s eve with your loved one but don’t want a lot of noise but a beautiful and peaceful night and welcome the new year full of love then this is the perfect place for you. Trust me you will be fascinated just by seeing the photos of this place and will make you crave to plan your next new year there. With the amazing ambience and infrastructure you will also get the best photos there.

The night view of this hotel is not less than a palace which is fully manicured with lush green gardens from outside giving you the most fresh and beautiful welcome in the hotel. Entering the hotel gives not less than a royal vibe as it’s infrastructure is so stunning, impressing all the guests visiting there. 

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