Make a career in Hotel Management, how to get admission, how much salary you will get

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Friends, today in this post we will know how to do a hotel management course? Together you will know many things about Hotel Management, what is it and what will be the benefit of doing it, what will be the salary, how much Percentage is needed for Make a career in Hotel Management etc. If you want complete information about Hotel Management, then read and follow this post of ours well, then only you will be able to do a Hotel Management Course without any hesitation. Friends, I also keep posting career-related posts on this website, but the most questions that are asked to me in the comments are that how to do a course in hotel management? So I thought why not write a post on this topic so that all the people can be helped, then friends. This post is being written at the request of all of you, I hope all of you will like our post like any other post. So let’s know how to do a Hotel Management Course.

Friends, it is not necessary that all become doctors or engineers, there are many other professions in which you can make your career, one of those professions is named Hotel Management, which nowadays is attracting students a lot if you are also a doctor. If you want to make something different from the engineer, then Hotel Management will be appropriate for you. What is necessary to do Hotel Management, how much education should be written, we will know everything further in this post, so read this post carefully and know how to make a career in Hotel Management.

What is Hotel Management?

Before knowing how to do a hotel management course, it is important for us to know what is hotel management? Hotel Management: As the name suggests, managing the hotel properly is called hotel management, like how is the cleanliness of the hotel, how is the food of the hotel, what are the arrangements for the guests in the hotel, what are the security arrangements. How is the hotel staff? Keeping all these things in mind, running the hotel smoothly is called Hotel Management. I hope that you must have understood what Hotel Management is, now let us know the answers to some other questions as well.

Why Hotel Management:

Friends, everyone can have their own reason for doing hotel management, by the way, with hotel management, you will get a chance to meet new people daily, your management skill will be good, your communication skill will also be good, you will also be given a good salary, You can bring out the creativity, even if your cooking is good, you can do this course and there are many other reasons for doing hotel management, if you have some reasons other than these, then definitely tell in the comments.


If someone wants to do Hotel Management, then he should also know how much fee will have to be paid for this course. See, the fee of Hotel Management completely depends on your institute. If an estimate is made, it can be up to about 1 lakh annually.


Salary depends on which hotel you are working in but still for your satisfaction I would like to say that the starting salary in a five star hotel can be 15,000-20,000 with experience and work. This salary is 45,000-50,000 But I would like to say again that the salary depends on the hotel and your work.

Designation Avg. Annual Salary
Executive Chef Rs.680,600
Executive Housekeeper Rs.635,000
Duty Manager Rs.575,060
Food and Beverage Manager Rs.565,800
Front Office Manager Rs.488,000
General Manager Rs.1,650,000
Housekeeping Assistant Rs.272,000
Human Resources, (HR) Manager Rs.742,000
Restaurant Manager Rs.565,450
Sous Chef Rs.488,500
Resident Manager Rs.655,300
Operations Manager Rs.860,000
Cafe Manager Rs.542,800
Asst Manager-Service Rs.442,000
Bartender/Service Staff Rs.388,000
Boutique Manager Rs.528,300

How to do Hotel Management Course:

Friends, from here we will know how to do a course in hotel management? I will tell you everything that is necessary for hotel management today, but I also have a request to you to read the post carefully because many people ask such questions in the comment box, which I have already told in the post. So read the first post, if the answer is not found then you can comment.

Friends, if you want to do Hotel Management, then many courses are available for you, but I am going to tell you about the top 4 courses that most students like.

1) Bachelor of Hotel Management:

This course is called B.H.M. It is also called and it is a full 4-year undergraduate course, this course is divided into 8 semesters and in these 8 semesters, students have to take theoretical as well as practical classes. After doing this course, the student gets a good understanding of hotel as well as tourism management.

Eligibility Criteria: It is necessary for the student to be 12th pass. The minimum percentage required may vary according to the institute but it is mostly between 45-50%.

2) Diploma in Hotel Management:

If someone wants to understand Hotel Management well then a Bachelor’s degree is best for him but as we have just read above the time of a Bachelor’s course is 4 years. The course will be the best because the duration of this course is only 1 year but remember a diploma is not more important than bachelor’s.

Eligibility Criteria: Hotel management courses after 12th. This course can also be done by 12th pass students and 10th pass students can also do it, but it depends on the institute whether it is for 10th or for 12th in some institute both 12th and 10th are allowed,

3) B.Sc in Hotel Management & Catering:

The duration of this course is 3 years, which is B.H.M. the course is less than 1 year but D.H.M. 2 years more than the course. This course is also very good for the Hotel Management sector. If you have 3 years time to do something then you can do this course.

Eligibility Criteria: For this course also it is necessary to pass 12th and you should have 50% marks in at least four subjects. If the eligibility is fulfilled then only you can do this course.

4) B.B.A. in Hotel Management:

B.B.A. The full form of this is Bachelor of Business Administration, it is a 3-year undergraduate course which is divided into 6 semesters, if one can do this course for their Management Skill, Organisational Skill, Communication Skill.

Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility for doing this course is like other courses. Simply put, for this course also you have to score at least 50% in 12th.

Best Hotel Management Institute:

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition (IHM), Pusa
  • Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration
  • IHM, Mumbai
  • IHM, Bangalore
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (IHM), Hyderabad
  • Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • Department of Hotel Management – ​​Christ University
  • Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (AIHMCT)
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (IHM)

Final Words:

So friends, today we have learned in this post what is hotel management and how to do hotel management course. In this post, I also told all of you that what is the salary in Hotel Management, every course has been explained in detail along with their eligibility criteria. I hope that all of you have liked this post of ours, if you have got help from this post of ours, then do share it.

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