How to Track International Packages?

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Several tracking sites make international shipment tracking easier for ship operators, stakeholders, or customers. The shipment tracking system uses logistic data. It helps the system locate the position of the container ship.

You will need its container number or BOL number to track an international container. Once you get this data, enter it on the tracking page. It will display the location of your container. It also provides the time to reach the next port or destination.

Most tracking sites provide the accurate position of the container using two different tracking methods.

Generally, they use a logistic tracking system and a vessel tracking system. Some systems provide different levels of container tracking.

How Does the Tracking Site Work?

The track site uses logistics tracking India to locate and track particular containers. The collected data helps analyze the dwell time at each port in India. This site also allows you to calculate the time and distance between terminals. Enter the origin location and final destination on the site to calculate delivery time.

A logistic tracking system keeps a record of containers every time they pass milestones in their shipping journey.

Some sites use GPS tracking systems to track containers. The GPS is attached to a container. It provides information such as the container’s location, temperature, and condition.

What Is Transit Time?

In shipping, transit time is when the shipment takes to deliver the containers to their destination after picking them up from the origin point. Most logistics tracking India software keeps records and monitors the ship’s movement for optimal delivery.

The transit time also includes when transferring containers occurs at the port. It affects the overall delivery time of a container.

The transit time greatly varies for different sea routes. Most ship operators or eCommerce businesses schedule shipments based on transit time.

What Does “Shipping Notice Received” Mean?

When booking an international shipment, you will get many emails. Typically, you will receive a mail saying “shipping notice received.” The shipper has applied for a tracking number through third-party shipping software. However, your package is not out for shipment yet.

Usually, after 2 to 3 days of receiving this message, the seller or shipper ships the package. You can track your international package using a tracking number.

However, if the shipper doesn’t ship your package after 3 days, you should contact your seller.

How does Tracking Help in Supply Chain Management?

With the help of the tracking page, you can track packages. Tracking goods is also beneficial for shippers, sellers, and customers.

The seller can gain visibility as they can monitor their goods. It helps them manage and notify any issue that may occur during shipment. It also helps in planning an optimal sea route for shipment.

It helps enhance customers’ experience since it satisfies users and provides them peace of mind. Tracking their parcel can keep them up to date without any delay.

A stakeholder can monitor the shipping industry through logistic tracking data. Shippers or stakeholders check every port’s transit time to create the most-cost efficient sea route for their goods.


When booking an international package, you will receive an email containing information about your parcel. You can use the tracking site to track your international parcel with the data.

International shipment tracking is available at LDB – DLDs. It allows its user to check the status of a container at different shipping processes. This site covers all major ports in India. It uses logistic data to position the shipment containers.

Use this site to receive the tracking status of your container on your mobile or via mail. Tracking systems help grow their businesses.

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