How To Spot The Signs Of Brake Wear And Tear?

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Brakes are the component of your vehicle that you may not always think about, but you count on them every time you press the brake pedal. A properly functioning braking system is an integral part of your vehicle as your car won’t stop if the braking system has failed. The brake pads can get thin and worn over time, which causes difficulty in stopping the car. In this guide, we will help you know about the signs you can look for to indicate the wear and tear of brakes. It will help you get your brakes fixed at the right time.

How to Spot the Signs of Damaged Brakes?

There is a number of ways that your vehicle might be trying to tell you about the damaged and worn-out brakes. The faulty braking system indicates the time for replacing your brake pads, brake disc or brake fluid. If you want to avoid bad situations from happening and want to keep your brake system in perfect condition to avoid expensive brake repairyou must always look for the signs. By keeping an eye on the signs of wear and tear, you can spot the potential problems with your brake system. Here are a few common signs that indicate the potential damage to the brake system.

Squeaking Sound

Many vehicles have a built-in brake wear indicator in their brake pads. This indicator creates a noticeable sound when the brake pads get worn and thin enough. This sign is easy to notice and indicates that it is time to replace your brake pads. The built-up rust on the brake discs can also produce strange noise, which you can stop by firmly applying the brakes.

Dashboard Light

The most visible sign one can notice is the warning light on the dashboard. The vehicles with electronic brake wear sensors or an Anti-lock braking system have a light on the dashboard, which turns on when the car detects a problem with brakes. Another sign you can see is a large amount of brake dust building on the wheels of the vehicle. The reduction in the amount of grime indicates that the brake pads are wearing out.

Vibration While Pressing the Brake Pedal

The feel of vibration when you press down the brake pedal could be a sign of worn brake discs. The worn or warped brake discs can also be due to the overheated braking system. The overheating of the braking system occurs due to heavy build-up of rust, seized calliper or faulty brake components. Loose wheel bearings and bent axle shaft can also cause vibration in the brake pedal. If you feel like you are having difficulty stopping the car, even after pressing hard on the brake pedal, it also indicates the sign of brake wear and tear. This sign indicates that your brake fluid needs replacement. If you have not replaced your brake fluid in 2 years, it is time to get it replaced because many manufacturers recommend replacing your brake fluid every 2 years.


The excessive and hard braking can sometimes heat and burn the metal, which can produce loud screeching noise. However, damaged brake pads can also make high pitch screeching noise coming from the brake. If you notice the dark-coloured marks on the rotors, it means the brake pads need replacement. Also, make sure to avoid slamming on the brakes at high speeds regularly. Such a driving style not only heats and burns the rotors but can also warp the brake pads and cause damage to the sensors braking system.

Final Words

The brake system in the vehicle is the most important component as it helps you stop the car smoothly. Brake pads can last between 25,000 and 75,000 miles depending on your use and driving style. Years of driving, the condition of roads and hard braking can reduce the life of brakes, and the brake components can wear out faster. Fortunately, you can repair the minor damages and keep safe from risky situations if you pay close attention to the signs and symptoms that appear as a result of damaged brakes. Hopefully, these symptoms will help you know about the potential damages and get them fixed at the right time.

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