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How to Save Outlook Contacts as vCard?

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Are you trying to figure out how to make vCard files to save Outlook Contacts? We’ll show you two different ways to save Outlook Contacts as vCard in this article.

Because so many individuals use MS Outlook as their primary email programme for both personal and professional needs, the data it holds becomes incredibly important. As a result, it’s always a good idea to retain a backup in case of a disaster or an emergency.

Similarly, maintaining a backup of Outlook contacts might be extremely useful in the event that they are mistakenly deleted or rewritten due to a software error. You can’t afford to lose contact data since it contains personal and professional information and is used to engage with clients or friends. The most typical need is to save Outlook contacts as vCard, like in the following query:

I’ve been using Microsoft Outlook for a long time, and as our company grows, we have a large contact list.” I recently lost touch with one of our most critical clients. To avoid this happening again, I’ve opted to preserve a duplicate for future reference. Is it possible for me to accomplish this?

How to Export Multiple Outlook Contacts to vCard? Best Methods

Best way to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard Format

The vCard (VCF) file format stores information like name, phone number, and address. Custom fields, pictures, and other media are also supported. This format is also very handy for moving contacts across users. We’ve discussed two approaches: a professional approach and a manual approach that helps you to convert PST to vCard format in order to save Outlook contacts.

Method 1: Manually Save Outlook Contacts as vCard Format

The manual practice has certain drawbacks. It takes longer and is more cumbersome since the user must manually choose and export each contact file, which is inconvenient when working with several files. There are two parts to this operation. The stages to achieving the goal are outlined below.

Phase 1: Export Outlook contacts to a CSV file.

1: Open Microsoft Outlook and go to File>> Open & Export.

2: Select Import/Export>> Save as a File>> Next.

3: Choose Comma Separate File and click Next.

4: Select the contacts folder and then click Next.

5: After that, choose a spot to store the CSV file and click OK.

6: Finally, click Finish after mapping the custom fields.

Phase 2: Convert the CSV file to a vCard file

7. Go to the Contacts folder and go through it (C:\ Users\Admin\Contacts)

8. Select CSV file >> Import from the top menu.

9. Next, choose Browse a file>> Click Finish after mapping the custom fields.

10. file will be created for you. From the main menu, select Export.

11. Select a vCard file>> Export after that.

12. Save the file to the specified place>> Done.

Method 2: Save Outlook Contacts Into vCard Using Third-Party Tool

With its feature-rich quality and easy-to-use interface, the PST converter application is the ideal answer for meeting users’ expectations. This programme can simultaneously transfer several files. It also allows you to export files that are corrupted or orphaned.

Why Use the Automated Converter

  • During conversion, keeps all contact information.
  • The file characteristics can be previewed.
  • Allows for simultaneous transmission of several files.
  • Converts files that have been orphaned, corrupted, or password-protected.
  • The default Outlook profile is automatically detected.
  • Scan and load Outlook PST files is an option.
  • It’s possible to migrate all contacts or just a few files.
  • Creates individual files for each contact.

Steps to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard Format

Follow the given instructions to save contacts from Outlook into vCard format.

Step 1. Download and Install SysConverter for PST on your system.

Step 2. Select Open >> Email Data File >> PST File >> Select File from folder.

Step 3. Click on Export and choose vCard as a saving option.

Step 4. At last, browse the saving location and hit on the Save button.

Here we are done! Now you have Outlook contacts in vCard format that can be transferred to any platform as it is a standard file format.

Which of the two techniques shown above is better?

When attempting to save Outlook contacts as vCard, most users are looking for a simple and quick method. Because it demands some technical sound knowledge, the manual exercise becomes fairly tough for a naive user to complete. The suggested programme, on the other hand, is simple to use and completes the task without causing damage to the source file.

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