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How to Prepare for the Australian Partner Visa 820/801?

The Partner Visa 820 and the Partner Visa 801 are the ones that are requested the most often.

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The partner visa Australia 820 and the Partner Visa 801 are the one that are request the most often. If you are marrie to, or in a  facto relationship with an Australian citizen.

Australian permanent resident, or eligible partner visa Australia of the same sex or opposite sex, you  eligible for partner visa 820 and 801 to live together with your spouse or partner in Australia as a permanent resident.

This visa allows you to live in Australia with your spouse or partner regardless of whether you are of the same sex or the opposite sex.

You can submit a combined application for Subclass 820/801 Partner visas in Australia at the same time if you are already present in the country and possess a substantive visa that is still current.

Even if the applicant does not currently possess a valid substantive visa, they may still be eligible to apply for a Subclass 820 or 801 Partner visa in Australia. Contact us for additional information.

If you are presently located outside of Australia, you will not be able to apply for an onshore Partner Visa until you have travelled to Australia and settled there. You might also consider applying for offshore Partner Visas (Subclass 309/100), which is another option.

Applications of Partner Visa Subclass 820/801 Australia

Although the applications for the Subclass 820 Visa and the 801 Visa (onshore Partner visas) are submit at the same time, the evaluation and grant of these visa take place in two different phase for relationship that are not consider long-term partners.

After at least two years have elapsed from the date of application for a Subclass 820/801 Partner visa, the processing of a Subclass 801 partner visa Australia (Permanent) visa will finally begin.

This is done guarantee that the sole partner who is qualifiy become an Australian permanent resident has a real and commit relationship. One definition of a long-term partner relationship is a connection that has existed for at least one of the following periods

partner visa Australia

Provide There Is No Id involve In The Partnership

Those who enter the country on subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visa are require married to the person who is sponsor  them and apply for an onshore partner visa within nine months of acquiring the visa. The following is a list of some of the benefits that this route offers:

  • While they wait for their Subclass 820 or 801 visas process, applicants for partner visas are permit o reside in Australia with their Australian spouses.
  • The majority of the time, an application for a partner visa is permit work in Australia without being subject to any limitations.
  • Processing Time for Partner Visas 820 and 801, with an Average Processing Time of 2022

The Following Is An Illustration Of The Current Average Processing Time:

The processing time for a Temporary Partner 820 Visa is approximately six months for approximately 25 per cent of all visa applications, eleven months for approximately 50 percent of all visa applications, seventeen months for approximately 75 percent of all visa applications, and approximately 23 months for approximately 90 percent of all visa applications.

Permanent Partner 801 The processing time for visas takes approximately 81 days for approximately 25 percent of all visa applications, 5 months for approximately 50 percent of all visa applications, 9 months for approximately 75 percent of all visa applications, and 18 months for approximately 90 percent of all visa applications.

The amount of time it take to complete an application might vary significantly from one person the next, depending not only on the individual circumstances of the applicant and sponsor but also on the strength of the application that is submit to the Department of Home Affairs partner visa Australia.

The majority of applications are handle at times that are much quicker than the typical processing time.

If you want to make sure that your visa application handle promptly and if you want to make sure that the application present in the highest quality possible.

we recommend that you get in touch with our knowledgeable Register Migration Agents to manage your files.

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