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How To Install A Combustion Air Vent – Professional Guide

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Combustion ducts play an important role in the heating system of any building. Furnace or any other central unit needs fresh air to perform its functions. Combustion vents provide this fresh air to the system. Now the question arises of how to install a Combustion air vent in the system. Most people do it at home, while others seek professional help.

This article will guide you about benefits, types, and how to install a Combustion vent.

Benefits Of A Combustion Flue:

There are several benefits of combustion flues. We have listed some of these benefits below:

  1. Firstly, a combustion vent increases the efficiency and working of a heating system.
  2. Secondly, the combustion duct system protects us from harmful and dangerous gases. The burning of fuels mainly produces these gases. Even though people think that modern heating systems are more eco-friendly, they still exhale equally harmful gases.
  3. Lastly and most importantly, these vents provide fresh air and oxygen to the furnace. Furnace or any other heating system needs this oxygen to carry out the burning process. In the absence of these vents, the heating system can consume the oxygen from the home or the building, resulting in suffocation.

Types Of Combustion Vents:

We mostly install Heating systems outside the house to inhale the fresh air directly. However, we need a heating system in the interior environments in colder regions. Therefore we have to use combustion vents. There are two types of combustion vents. 

  • Atmospheric Combustion Duct:

The Atmospheric combustion duct directly picks the air from the exhaust of the heating system. Moreover, it does not need any electrical equipment and connections to work properly. It goes through the roof and opens up in the external environment. This combustion flue resembles a chimney. Atmospheric combustion vent is very simple and quick to use. However, it would be best if you use a good quality pipe, as it is directly exposed to the external environment. In addition to this, a good quality pipe will throw the residual air more efficiently.

  • Power Combustion Vent:

As the name shows, it uses electricity to throw out the air. It is also known as a direct venting system as it does not go through the roof. This system expels the air through the pipeline, which is installed along the external wall.

Benefits Of Clean Ducts:

There are several advantages of clean vents. Some benefits of clean Combustion ducts are listed below:

  • Minimises Allergens And Impurities:

Having your ductwork cleaned regularly decreases the amount of dust that would otherwise travel throughout your living area. Furthermore, proper air duct cleaning decreases the amount of interior cleaning and dusting required to keep your house clean.

  • Creates A Healthier Living Environment:

People who have respiratory issues are especially vulnerable to airborne particles. Cleansing the ductwork on a regular basis promotes healthy living. Otherwise, the unhygienic airflow in your home will continue to recirculate.

  • Makes It Easier For Everyone To Breathe:

Ventilation duct cleaning improves the quality of life by making the surroundings more pleasant and healthier.

  • Eliminates Unpleasant Smells And Pollutants:

Dust and dirt build up in ductwork and registers can obstruct air passage from the fireplace and air conditioner. It implies that your system will have to work more to heat or cool your house, resulting in a lower efficiency rating. On the other hand, a clean system will function at peak efficiency and deliver the most value for your energy dollar.

  • Enhances Airflow Performance:

As the air ducts are cleaned, air flows without restriction and Obstructions. Thus, to keep your air ducts functioning properly, you need to clean your airways regularly. You can either clean them at home or get professional cleaners for them. You can contact professionals for air duct cleaning service in Lawrenceville. They offer the best services in the town. The cherry on the top is that they are affordable.

How To Install A Combustion Duct System:

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to install a Combustion vent at home:

  • Choose The Right Place:

To install a Combustion duct, you need to select a proper place. Placement of the duct plays an important role in the functioning of the heating system. You need to install one vent at the lower position and another at a higher position. Vent at the higher position will act as an exhaust for hot air. At the same time, the lower vent will provide fresh air to the heating system.

  • Drill A Hole In The Fireplace:

If you are installing an air Combustion vent for the first time, drill a hole in the fireplace. The hole must be 4″ higher from the floor of the fireplace or furnace. You can drill this hole in the wall or the centre above the fireplace.

  • Install Your Combustion Vents:

After you have drilled the hole in the right place, mount your Combustion vents in it. Make sure that you measure the vents and holes properly. Otherwise, you will have to exert the vent into the hole forcefully. In case of loose installation of the Combustion vent, air will keep escaping from the system. 

  • Apply The Sealant:

 After that, you need to apply a sealant to hold and secure the vent in its place. Also, apply a sealant to the joints.

  • Extend The Duct:

We also have to extend the Combustion duct to the external environment to remove the air. Therefore we will use a galvanised pipe for this purpose. 

  • Use A Louvre To Cover The Galvanised Pipe:

After installing a galvanised pipe, you need to cover it with a louvre. Louvre will prevent debris and trash from accumulating in the duct.


In conclusion, we can say that combustion vents are an integral component of any heating system. Moreover, we need to take proper care of them. We need to do their maintenance now and then.

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