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How to draw an underwater scene

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How to draw an underwater scene

Learn to draw a beautiful underwater scene with simple drawing ideas and a step-by-step tutorial. You can now easily create a great underwater stage drawing. The oceans were always fascinating for people because they have plenty of diversity and extraterrestrial properties. More than seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered by salt water, but some researchers say that we know more about the moon’s surface than about the depths of the ocean.


Sea biology is the study of plants and animals that live there. About a million species are believed to live in the world’s oceans. The smallest can only be seen with a microscope, and the largest, the blue whale, is the greatest creature to life. It even portrays the most powerful dinosaurs. The animation often looks at the sea for inspiration. The remarkable examples include the search for Nemo, the search for Dory, Shark Tale, and The Incredible M. Limpet.


Would you like to draw an underwater scene like that of your favorite cartoon? With this simple and step -By -step landscape -Determination -tutorial, you can show how.

Drawing an underwater scene

Step 1:

First, draw a series of horizontally curved lines that overlap. These show the sandy sea floor.

Step 2:

Draw cloud shapes with connected “U” shaping lines. Then draw a line from the tip of each outline to the sea floor or the shape below. These form an underwater plateau.

Step 3:

Draw the staghorn coral and delete it if necessary. Use a curved line for each coral to draw many branches and branches on these branches. Use a single curved line and double it on yourself several times.

Step 4:

Use curved lines to draw other dunes from the sea floor in the background. Expand the curved lines upwards from the dunes. Enter each series of lines with a wavy line. Then draw another wavy line above. Connect them with short and curved lines with the ends. Use also inverted “U” lines stacked near each other nearby. It forms an anemone with its spicy tentacles.

Step 5:

Draw Sea Herbaria in the foreground. Use a curved line on its base to draw a small sand dune. Then stretch the curved couples up so that you can meet points. Where appropriate, delete. Then draw some sponges in the background. Draw couples of lines that rise from the sea floor and connect them to curved lines. Draw an oval near the upper part and walk from the sponge with curved lines.

Step 6:

Draw another coral by double a curved line on yourself several times. Sketch another seagrass medium with curved lines like dunes below and let each blade reach its climax at one point. Draw small stones on the sea floor. First, draw a line of a “Y” shape to display depression in the sand and then join the stone with a curved line. Finally, draw a five-point star with rounded points. It is a nest. Texture with points.

Step 7:

Draw fish. Describe the body of the fish with curved lines. Note the different types of fins you may have – some tips. Some rounded off. The face in detail and beautify the body with scratches or scales.

Step 8:

Draw a jellyfish. Draw the bell with a large shape, “C,” with the ends connected by a series of small lines in “U.” Then draw many tentacles with curved lines. Let certain lines hit points.

Step 9:

How to draw an underwater scene

Draw bubbles in the landscape with a small circle for everyone.

Step 10:

How to draw an underwater scene

Color your underwater cartoon scene. Use bright colors for tropical fish and corals.

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