How to Crack Word VBA Project Password? Complete Method

Want to open a .doc file that has been password-protected using VBA? In search of a way to unlock the password for the protected Word VBA project? We’ll talk about a quick method to crack Word VBA project password in this blog.

This site is the best place to get the answer if you’ve forgotten the encryption password to a Microsoft Word document and want to unlock that file. Here, we’ll go through both a manual and an automatic method to crack Word VBA project password.

Let’s talk about how to access a Word document that has been password-protected by recovering a lost or forgotten password. However, there is a user enquiry that will clarify the subject before continuing on.

User Query;

An encrypted VBA Word document with sensitive customer information was left behind by one of my departing workers. At now, the file is inaccessible to us. Is there any method to unlock or hack the password of a .doc 2010 file so that a password-protected VBA Word document may be opened?

Method 1: Delete Password from Word VBA Document by Using Manual Solutions

  1. Launch Microsoft Word 2010 and create a brand new file.
  2. Alt + F11 will launch Visual Basic for Applications.
  3. Select a Module from the drop-down menu next to Insert.
  4. Press F5 after entering the following code in the General box.
  5. Then, choose the Word document you want to decrypt and hit Open.
  6. After waiting a few minutes, a little pop-up window will appear. There was a successful attempt to retrieve the password for the protected Word document.
  7. To dismiss the alert, choose OK.
  8. The encrypted file will finally be decrypted now.
  9. To secure a document, go to the File menu, and then choose the Lock option.
  10. The next step is to choose the Encrypt with Password menu item.
  11. The .doc file’s password protection may be removed by clearing the password from the text field and clicking OK.
  12. In the future, you won’t need a password to access this file.

Note: If the password is longer than 7 characters, try the second approach. This technique only works when the password is less than 7 characters.

Method 2: Professional Solutions for Crack Word VBA Project Password

Setting up an encryption password for our Microsoft Word document allows us the possibility of protecting it from unauthorized access. What would take happening, though, in the event that we lost or forgot the password to the encrypted Word document? Is it possible for us to open it without putting the data at risk?

Because the manual approach described earlier places a limit on the number of characters that may be used for the password, it is recommended that the password-protected Word .doc file be decrypted making use of third-party software.

Unlocking password-protected Word.doc files has been shown to be within the capabilities of the Best 4n6 VBA Password Unlocker Tool. This particular approach is the most effective one to crack Word VBA project password.

The utility overwrites the existing VBA password on the file with a fresh one and then removes the previous one from the file. A specialized feature has been built by the program in order to decrypt a multilingual password stored inside a VBA file document.

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How to Use Word VBA Password Cracker Software?

  1. Firstly, download the Word VBA Password Cracker Software and then install it.
  2. After that, click on the open button and then upload the word vba files by clicking the word file option
  3. Thereafter, hit the Action button, and then select the Remove password option
  4. Choose the last destination path and then finally, hit the save button
    crack Word VBA project password


After reading the aforementioned article, it is plainly clear that even if a user forgets or loses the encrypted password, a password-protected VBA file may still be opened and recovered. This is something that is possible even if the user has lost the password. An array of options is now available to the user as a means to crack Word VBA project password.

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