How Much Does Smartphone Screen Replacement Service Cost in India?

Smartphone Screen Replacement Service

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It is common for every smartphone user to drop their phone accidentally. Sometimes our phones come out unscathed from the unfortunate fate. Where other times when luck is not at our side? Your phone screen and display end up taking all the burn of an accidental fall. In this case, you only have two options: buy a new phone or get your smartphone screen/display replaced. If you don’t know the exact cost of screen replacement?

You shouldn’t worry because we are here to guide you. Explain to you how much different modus operandi will charge you for their services and which one is the right choice for you. Sell old phones with broken or scratched screens for instant cash at Quickmobile.

Let’s take a look at all the different phone service centers of different sectors:-

1. Authorized Phone Repair Service Center

Your first choice might always be to contact the authorized service center whenever your smartphone malfunctions. They are the people that you want to approach. However, do you know what we think is best for us is not always right? We are going to shed light on the pros and cons of authorized service centers, based on our experience.

Pro:- Your screen will be replaced with an original one and you will also get a warranty.

Con:- When you visit an authorized service center they always ask for double or even triple the actual price of the display. You are also not allowed to see what they do with your mobile phone. Once they receive your phone. Don’t expect them to return it before two to three days.

2. Nearby Local Repair Shop

You can find hundreds of local phone repair shops in your city. There is without any doubt they offer you a pocket-friendly deal. But the thing is they charge you less due to the fact they will also use the low-quality cheap products for replacement. Also, there will be no warranty or guarantee of their service. Once you leave their shop. Most of the time you will find such shop owners to be ignorant towards their customers. Give them attitude and certainly, there is no respect in their eyes for you. The cheap products are only good for a short period, not in the long term. So you will be just wasting your money.

3. DIY

If you think you have professional skills and can easily handle the task. Therefore, you should buy quality original parts from online trustworthy websites. You can try to do it at home. But we always advise our readers against it. Because it can cause more damage to your phone. So once you buy the replacement product take them to your local repair shop and ask them to fix it for you. All of this is hassling because the final result might be worth it and the repair cost won’t burn a hole inside your pocket.

Final Verdict:-

It’s not our place to discourage our readers from using any service that they deem to see fit based on their financial situation. However, before jumping to any conclusion and making a final decision. You should be aware of all the pros and cons of the repair centers whose service you are going to use. Online websites like Quickmobile repair offer their customers cost-effective and top-notch quality doorstep mobile repair services. Where they are accommodating towards your evéry need and gives you hassle-free service with quality products.

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