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Here are The Different Types of Dentists and What They Do

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Being healthy includes taking care of your teeth too. In any case, the course of good oral cleanliness requires more than cleaning your teeth and flossing always. Visiting your dentist is a significant part of the interaction and guarantees your teeth and gums stay as healthy as you can.

Everybody has various necessities when they visit dental care experts. Some are searching for routine cleanings, while others need their teeth fixed. Many people need more profound care like root canals or implants. When you have specific needs for your oral health, you should acquire the assistance of a dental expert who has gotten training in the particular region that you’re searching for. So, if you need RCT, search for “root canal treatment in Harinavi/your location” or “teeth implant specialist near me” to find a specialist in your locality.

But if you need major oral surgery, it’s better to learn about the types of dentists to choose the suitable one.

Here Are The 7 Types Of Dentists In The Dentistry Field:

General Dentist:

General, or family dentists, are the most common sort of dentist. To turn into a dentist, commonly a 4-year dental school program (beyond an undergraduate degree) is required. A dentist can accomplish their authentication as a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or a DMD (Doctor of Medicinal Dentistry). These degrees are basically similar and use similar curriculum requirements.

Oral Surgeon:

An oral specialist is actually known as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and specializes in extractions (counting wisdom teeth), surgery to repair fractures, trauma and laceration repair, tissue grafting, and dental implant related surgeries. They can likewise perform orthognathic surgery to fix slanted jaws. Oral surgery programs typically require 4 or 6 years beyond a DDS or DMD degree. A few programs award an additional MD degree upon completion. Contingent upon the oral surgeon, they can treat anything related to your skull, jaw, face, mouth, and neck. So if you want to visit the best cosmetic dentist in Harinavi, an oral surgeon probably be the one for you.


An orthodontist works in the correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. As indicated by Wikipedia, “orthodontics” are “derived from the Greek orthos (“correct”, “straight”) and -odont- (“tooth”)”. An extra 2-3 years of preparation is normally expected for this degree past the DDS or DMD degree. And Orthodontists are provided with a Masters degree at completion.


A periodontist helps with bone and gums, periodontal (or gum) disease, and the position of dental implants. Commonly, a dentist will refer you to a periodontist if you have indications of gum disease as well as need a more profound cleaning than an overall dental hygienist can perform. Periodontists need 3 additional years of school beyond their DDS or DMD degree and are likewise specialists in inputting, keeping up with, and fixing dental implants. Visit our smile dental clinic south kolkata, if you require such assistance.


An endodontist work within the tooth and is most popular for skillfully performing root canals. There are general dentists who perform root canals yet at times root canals can get essentially more muddled and ought to be performed by a trained professional. That is when an endodontist steps in with their 2-3 years of additional preparation. Endodontists are known for saving teeth and can analyze tooth pain, place implants. And use best-in-class technology to keep your teeth intact in your mouth.

Pediatric Dentist:

The pediatric dental doctors south kolkata is dentists who only treat kids. They offer much-needed dental care to infants, kids, adolescents, and those with special health care needs. Their range of abilities is explicit for these patient demographics and pediatric dentists receive additional training for years to understand the kids’ behavior. They additionally foster an inside and out comprehension of oral diseases that influence developing kids. A pediatric dentist requires 2 extra long periods of training past his/her DDS or DMD degree, every now and again in medical clinic-based settings.


A prosthodontist is a specialist in replacing and restoring teeth. 3 years of school beyond their dental degree provides them with an unbelievable understanding of the procedure to restore your smile with bridges, false teeth, crowns, and so forth. They additionally treat jaws and issues related to the jaw, like TMJ/TMD.

Now that you know, which dentist offers what services. Be sure to do your research before fixing an appointment with these specialists.


Are private dental practices more expensive?

Yes, it is.

How do I choose the right dental clinic?

Conduct an online search and then compare the reviews, ratings, services, and offers of the different clinics to choose the best one according to you.

Are private dental practices more expensive?

Yes, it is.

What is the best option for a missing tooth?

An implant crown has said to be the best option for replacing a missing tooth.

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