KingX2022 – Gojek Clone One Stop Solution For New Era On-Demand Businesses

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It is hard to imagine a life without On-Demand Applications. Now that every business is focusing on leveraging its apps, the competition has grown stiff. Naturally, if you are launching the business, you will like to have a minimum struggle while establishing it. Well, all that and more can be achieved by launching Gojek like App Indonesia. How? Read on the blog that provides you with detailed info about Gojek Clone App Indonesia and why entrepreneurs are attracted to launching their version.

Gojek Clone Aimed To Increase Your Profits And Business Growth

Gojek like the app is a Super App comprising more than 70 services on a single platform. The app covers the majority of the daily necessities that a common man needs on a day-to-day basis. 

Whether it is a booking of a Taxi, taking taxi rentals, moto-ride, booking grocery delivery,  taking a spa appointment, connecting with handyman services, scheduling a maid service, and more – this app takes care of everything. Few taps on the smartphone and your users are connected with the verified delivery and service providers in your area.

So, with over 70 multiservice the app brings commission and other monetary profits. This includes Location-wise Ad Banners, Subscription, Location-wise Push-notifications, Location-wise promo codes, Free delivery promo codes, Cancellation charges, etc. As a result, the app brings a steady influx of revenues.

Stronger Bond With Your Users

How quickly you are providing your users with the resolution is important. If you better your game, your users will stick to you no matter what. It’s the best way to build a loyal customer base.

Gojek Clone App Indonesia comes integrated with the features like In-App notifications, as well as Customer Call/Chat support that provides your users with quick communication, enabling a faster resolution of the issues. 

This way you get a better chance to view the flaws and work on improving the services.

Never Worrying About The Pandemic With KingX2022 

KINGX 2022 features several Covid-Specific Features that are in direct compliance with the Covid-19 Safety Guidelines from the World Health Organization. Taxi drivers must now wear face masks, and the maximum number of passengers allowed per ride has been dropped to two for Mini Cabs.

Because currency notes are one of the potential carriers of this deadly virus, KINGX 2022 urges its users to pay online with their credit cards or in-app wallet to enable Contactless Deliveries. The user of the Gojek Clone App Indonesia can also add Voice-Notes guiding the delivery drivers where to drop off the food/groceries/medicines/parcels package. These are only a few of the Life-Saving Features available; there are many more.

Your Business Stands Ahead In The Competition 

This app uses cutting-edge technology. All the “Wow Features” you might find in other apps are include in this one because of its fluid navigation, amazing functionality, safe online payments, and multiple languages and currencies.

In Conclusion

As the on-demand app industry continues to expand and reach new heights. It’s time to expand your business by collaborating with a highly experienced on-demand app development company. That can help you reach a big number of targeted clients.

Cubetaxi is a global leader in on-demand app development solutions that helps your business to explore infinite possibilities of mobility. You brace your customers through innovative on-demand apps and we work hard to empower them with mobility solutions. We strive to ensure that your business stays on top through our optimization efforts.

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