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Offering Wedding eCards wishes to the newly married couple is customary and a great way to celebrate their wedding day and new life together. Custom wedding cards are the ideal way to convey your congrats on the wedding. Write from the heart in whatever you choose to write during this wedding season. Add pictures to your wedding ecard to record special moments with the newlyweds to say even more.

Writing the ideal wedding message need not be challenging at all. You can create bespoke wedding wishes that throw a spotlight of love on the couple and their own happily ever after by keeping in mind a few suggestions, tricks, dos, and don’ts.

No matter which side of the aisle you are sitting on, you should say “congrats.” You can never go wrong with a real wedding congratulations greeting, whether you’ve known the bride and groom for years or are just getting to know them both.

Pick one of your favourite congrats messages below or add them to your own words to get started on your wedding card.

Funny Wedding Wishes

If you think a funny wedding card message will put a smile on the bride and groom’s face then go ahead and write something laugh-worthy.

Just be careful because you don’t want to come out as sarcastic or insincere in your wedding message. Keep in mind that a statement that could seem humorous in person might come off as offensive in writing. That being stated, no jokes about divorce are allowed!

You’ll be well on your way to making the ideal wedding eCard with a side of grins if you use your best judgement while composing your hilarious wedding wish.

Thanks for inviting us to eat and drink while you get married. Congrats!
Our marriage advice: love, honour and…scrub the toilet.
Thanks for the free booze. Best wishes on a long, happy marriage.

Traditional first anniversary messages for your wife

Marriage marks the end of a love story and the start of a wrestling match. Wishing you the very best of everything anyway.
I’ll tell you the secret of a happy marriage. It remains…a secret to all! Wishing you all the best of times ahead.
On your wedding day today, you have now become two from one. Does that mean I will get two birthday gifts from you both every year?
As Bill and Ted said, ‘Be excellent to each other.’
Today I realized that life is not fair for single people like me. Until now I had to buy you a gift only once a year on your birthday. Now I have two birthdays plus a wedding anniversary to buy gifts for. Congratulations to my best friend on tying the knot.

The ideal strategy to personalise your wedding wishes can be to share a religious affiliation with the bride and groom.

Let the engaged couple or newlyweds know that you are praying for them and their marriage by including a religious wedding message in your wedding invitations.

Before you start composing your card, consider the couple’s religious perspective  and belief. You should base your religious wedding wishes on their customs.

Religious Wedding Wishes

If you look through the list below, you might get some ideas for your own religious wedding eCards desire.

May God bless you and your union.
May God grant you all of life’s blessings and love’s joys.
Love God first and it will be easier to love your spouse second.
We are looking forward to finding out what God has planned for you two.
Your marriage will be strong because the two of you are strong in your faith.
‘God has poured out his love into our hearts.’ Romans 5:5
‘Love is patient. Love is kind…Love never fails.’ 1 Corinthians 13:4-13
Final Thoughts
Weddings are such joyous unions that bring not only the bride and groom together but their friends and families too. Make the newlyweds feel special with your wedding eCards greetings card.

What a wonderful way for the bride and groom to cherish the memories of their special day! The wedding bells are ringing, we hear them.

Have difficulty finding a gift for your loved one? Don’t worry we have a perfect surprise ready for you to fit your personal and professional life. Explore our group cards and get a headstart for your special event. 

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