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For Conducting Institutes Examination, Think Exam is the best option.

Innovative tool for universities, schools, state/central boards

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The rise of the covid-19 pandemic has shown a big impact on examinations system. Technology has transformed the mode of conducting exams. From pen paper-based exams to online exams. In the traditional examination, there are chances of errors and human intervention. In online exams, the risk is low. Many institutes have moved towards an online examination system. In this current situation, there is no other option rather than to adopt the online exam method.

Why educational institutes and corporates are switching to online exams?

Educational institutes and corporates are witnessing the benefits of conducting online exams because it is safe and secure for both authorities and candidates. Also, there are many benefits which are:

  • Seamless evaluation of test
  • Save time and money
  • Secure with remote proctoring
  • Cost-effective

Despite having numerous benefits, educational institutes face problems in conducting exams. They are skeptical about the safety and security of conducting exams as candidates are using their own devices, also there is no vigilance in the online exam.

With remote proctoring software, it is easy to maintain the transparency and accountability of the exam with online exam software. Moreover, auto or live proctoring makes it possible for examination authorities to rely on the online exam. Also, it is faster and easier as compared to other forms.

How does Think Exam conduct online exams?

Think Exam online examination solution offers a complete process for conducting online examinations for schools and colleges. The online exam platform also provides information on conducting online exams which is:

  • Registration
  • Saving candidate details
  • Generating hall ticket
  • Scheduling exam time
  • Verifying candidate’s detail
  • Managing fairness in the exam
  • Feedback from the candidate
  • Evaluating candidates

How does Think Exam secure online examinations?

Although technology is making institutes comfortable with the online examination system, there might be chances of malpractices. To prevent cheating in online exams, institutes are adopting online proctoring services for maintaining the accountability of the online exam. Here are a few steps that can prevent cheating that are:

  • Secure Browser
  • Remote Proctoring
  • Data Encryption
  • Audit Logging
  • Authentication

Think Exam is the one-stop solution for conducting seamless examinations for schools, colleges, and institutes. It also provides a leading online assessment solution for conducting assessments for hiring using psychometric tests, cognitive tests, aptitude tests, and more. It also consists of an Artificial Intelligence-based platform for conducting cheating-proof online examinations and for making exams secure and authentic.

As far as the Institutes or Universities Exams are concerned, Think Exam has been offering a prominent solution for conducting exams online. In these types of exams, institutes look for proper security and transparency to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the students. Leading tech start-ups are providing a standalone tool for authentic exams. Think Exam has conducted more than a million assessments for leading corporate giants. Moreover, the company is providing solutions for recruitment as well. Many eminent companies are using online assessment platform for bias-free hiring. Also, for the training and development. Moreover, it is emerging in the market after the tech revolution.

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