Evolving Specializations with the Discipline of Bachelor of Commerce

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A Bachelor of Commerce is a degree that centers on the subjects of mathematics and accounting. Besides India, it is awarded in different countries including New Zealand, Canada, Myanmar, Australia, Sri Lanka, and others. In the current scenario, the curriculum of the program has evolved a lot. Nowadays, you will find many variations as well as specializations in this course that help you build a better career and advance to the options of higher studies with ease. BCom in Accounting and Taxation course is the perfect example to explain these changes.

Lately, the Bachelor of Commerce was pursued individually and it had no relation to any other subject in the colleges. As the generations are growing smarter, they have started to study commerce in association with a diverse range of subjects. Take Management or Business Administration for example. These two courses teach you the management of wide aspects of the professional world. You get to managerial job profiles after completing a management program, but a student of Commerce will be able to understand the connection between the two disciplines.

You will get access to various specializations in the stream of management including finances, human resources, hospitality, banking, and so on. A management expert is capable of taking decisions with respect to the mobilization of funds for multiple operations in an organization, the skills that are earned in a program like B Com can help a lot. Thus, the knowledge you get in the discipline of Bachelor Degree of Commerce can act as a foundation for the students of MBA or PGDM. However, it is not a necessity for any student to be from the field of B Com to pursue Business Administration or a degree in Management. The students from the top BCom Hons colleges in Bangalore can understand this correlation between the courses of Commerce and Management.

Given below are the specializations that you can pursue with the Bachelor of Commerce program-

  • BCom Honors:

The honors degree in Bachelor of Commerce provides education being a little ahead of the basic degree of B Com. All the topics taught in the subject cover in more detail in an honors program. The scholars are given the option of selecting one topic of specialization in the last year of education. Management, Accounting, and Economics are some of the basic choices for the subject that offered in top BCom Hons colleges in Bangalore.

  • B Com with Computer Applications:

Understanding the subject is easy. The students who pursue Computer Applications with the Bachelor Program of Commerce can study software development, operating systems, programming, and so on. Along with these, they will study formal commerce topics such as economics, statistics, and accounts. CA with B Com can be an interesting topic for those who enjoy the correlation of the topics of mathematics as well as computers.

  • B Com with Banking and Finance:

This subject makes the best choice for people who interest in pursuing a career in the area of banking and finances. Banking law, accounts, insurance, and banking regulations are the topics that offer along with the basic subjects of the Bachelor of Commerce. The specialization in Banking and Finances can act as an amazing foundation for the students who aspire to pursue a Master of Business Administration or a degree in management course.

  • B Com with Economics and Finance:

To understand fund mobilization, accounting, and trend analysis, the topic of Economics and Finance is an amazing option. However, if you have not enjoyed studying economics at the school level then do not opt for this particular specialization. Although, it is one of the most interesting topics in the area of Commerce. Business specialist, risk analyst, investment banker, and trend analyst are some of the lucrative job options after finishing B Com in Economics and Finance.


BCom in Accounting and Taxation course is also an interesting option for the students from the field of Bachelor of Commerce. Pursuing a specialization with B Com is an advantageous option in today’s scenario.

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