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Do you Need IELTS to Study in the USA?

Need IELTS to Study in the USA

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Do you need IELTS to study in the USA? Most educational institutions contend on admission to IELTS scores, although you can study in the USA without IELTS. Wondering how? You can apply for a USA study visa without IELTS after fulfilling certain conditions. This is a useful guide for you. Also, you can refer to study in USA consultant.

How Study in the USA is Possible without IELTS?

IELTS is sometimes an obstacle for international students who want to study in the United States. The exam can seem daunting for those who do not speak their native English and trying several times is impossible due to the cost of the exam. So, if you want to apply to USA universities without IELTS, here are some of the conditions you must meet:

  1. A letter from your previous university confirming that you have continued your English course.
  2. You must have English as a high school core subject.
  3. If English is the official language of IELTS in the country where you graduated, the official language may not be required.
  4. Universities may insist on their preparatory courses, which are sometimes called IELP or Intensive English Language Program.

Here are certain of the phases that you should keep an eye on:

Briefly list the universities you have selected and check the eligibility criteria.

  1. Apply directly online.
  2. After submitting all the documents, you can be invited for a personal interview.
  3. After receiving your admission letter from the university, you will have to pay the initial tuition fee.
  4. You must submit your application for a study visa. If you have a good education and meet all other requirements, you can apply to the United States without an IELTS study visa.

Study in USA Visa Without Taking an IELTS

The U.S. is not so complicated without an IELTS study visa. The student visa procedure is possible if you have previously studied English or have an international bachelor’s degree. However, if you do not meet these criteria or are of English nationality, then you should be faced with a number of questions during your visa interview. You will need the following documents:

  1. DS-160 approval sheet.
  2. Legal copy of passport.
  3. Fresh passport-sized photograph
  4. Financial stability proof
  5. SEVIS submission payment receipt.
  6. Housing evidence.
  7. Approval and receiving messages from the university.
  8. Resume or curriculum vitae.
  9. Healthcare exposure.
  10. Authorized academic records

Conventional Substitutions to IELTS

Universities admit many considerations instead of IELTS for studying in the USA. Substitutes include:

TOEFL- This is one of the most popular global exams for international students. Universities usually require 71 to 92 points depending on the course you choose. However, to qualify for a doctorate, you need an even higher grade program in the country.

PTE- PTE (Test English Pearson) is now accepted in the USA and is recognized by hundreds of universities. The minimum score must be at least 54, depending on the university in question.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) – It is only required for those applying for undergraduate courses. To be admitted to a college, an exam must have a score of at least 1,000.

ACT (American College Test) – Another exam for university students, ACT scores for admission to most U.S.A. universities must be at least 25.

GRE (Postgraduate Registration Exam) – International students, especially those studying engineering, must sit for the GRE. There are also seven subject exams. The lowest acceptable GRE score is typically 170 in the USA.

GMAT (Test Admission Management Graduate Management) – GMAT is required to enter a leading management institution or MBA. The average score required is typically 450 in the USA. Good scores on the GMAT, along with a GPA, play an important role in helping students study at any institution. So, it’s not just about getting accepted into the best MBA programs; many financial companies and other organizations in other sectors may also be looking for GMAT scores of job applicants.

If you are going to study in the USA with IELTS then you can join IELTS coaching in Jaipur. Coaching will be more beneficial for you to score a good band score. Also, read How to Avoid and Reduce Spelling Mistakes in IELTS Writing Test?

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