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Cleanser vs Face wash – Which One is the Best

Cleanser vs face wash

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Trying to find out what is better for your skin? Confused between a cleanser and face wash? Let us help you end the cleanser vs face wash debate with this article.

The first step in your routine for skincare must be a face wash. Every day, your face experiences dirt and dust. And you can’t stop it from penetrating your face. Like, you can’t wear a shield or mask everywhere.

But what you can do is to make and follow a routine. You have to use face wash. Without face wash, you can’t remove the impurities from the face. Also, hand soap is not a replacement for face wash.

The purpose of soap is to slightly wash your hands with chemicals. Similarly, it contains harsh chemicals that can be used on the hands. But your skin surface is delicate. You can’t treat it with this. It will only produce extra dryness on the face. The ph of the face will turn more alkaline.

Further, the soaps are used to kill the germs from the hands. But your face doesn’t get intact to such germs. Like it only contains a layer of impurities and some bacteria. That is why you only need a face wash to take them off.

Importance of face wash

In particular, you can apply it daily. Because it is the foremost thing for your skin. In addition, you need to pick the one that will be effective on your face. Their price range is reasonable. Like they are not a thing to invest a large sum of money. Thus, it is used daily. You don’t need to take much amount. Just take a small pulp and it will be enough for you.


Many face washes are defined by their types. Some brands make them according to skin. While others make them with other properties, for example, they sell them with these properties

  • For moisturizing
  • Hydrating
  • Whitening
  • Acne
  • Blackheads
  • Spot removing
  • Skin cells regeneration
  • Controlling sebum

Cleanser vs face wash

You can never consider both the same. Because both of them are made and designed for different reasons. Hence, it is hard to answer which one is better, cleanser vs face wash. Although, one purpose of both products is the same.

Like they both will wipe away impurities. Whereas, a face wash slightly wipes them off. But a cleanser will cleanse the face by penetrating under your skin layer.


A cleanser is a product made to deeply exit all of the waste from the face. Similarly, you can use it for clearing your pores. Then, they won’t become blocked. They will remain open to behaving as a passage for sebum traveling. Also, you don’t need to rub or massage hard on the face with a cleanser.

Because even it mild application will give you a nice result. Moreover, they usually comprise mild and harmless ingredients. That won’t irritate the sensitiveness of your skin. And then will give you a soft texture. Also, you can cleanse your neck with it.

What is the difference between cleanser vs face wash

So a cleanser has a plain texture. But a face wash can also have a foam-like texture. Then, apply a face wash regularly. Whereas, you should not use a cleanser in the regular routine. Like it can be used in a week. Moreover, it is a cleanser that will moisten and hydrate your face.

While a face wash will dry your face by removing extra sebum. In addition, cleansers have many types and textures. While all of the face washes have the almost same texture and appearance. As they all are runny and liquid. Then, you can see more variety in the cleansers.

You can use a marine volcanic mud cleanser. It is from the belle cote Paris brand. This cleanser is will extract all of the impurities residing in your pores. Also, it cures your acne.

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