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Cleaning Composite Decking Mistakes to Avoid

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Composite decking not only enhances the look of your house but also has several advantages over traditional wood decking. One advantage of wood-plastic composite is its resistance to the elements, such as rain, heat, and temperature changes. Another advantage of wood-plastic composite is its moisture resistance. When you install your plastic wood decking, this will keep it from expanding and decomposing. However, you must clean your composite decking in order to enjoy it. Cleaning and maintaining a wood-plastic combination takes time and effort. Before you start cleaning your sundeck, do some research. This can help you avoid common cleaning blunders with composite decking.

Mistakes to avoid cleaning composite decking

Avoid using the wrong tools.

When cleaning composite decking, take additional precautions. If you place your plastic wood decking outside, you may use a brush and a garden hose to clean the surface. A brush should be used to clean your composite decking surface more thoroughly. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use a harsh brush.

Clean the surface of your plastic wood decking with a gentle brush. If you need to remove snow from the surface of your wood-plastic composite decking, a plastic shovel is a way to go. In this manner, when cleaning your composite decking, you won’t scratch the surface.

Use the correct cleaner for your Composite Decking

Use the correct cleaner for your Composite Decking

It matters which cleaner you used to clean your composite decking. This is because the appropriate cleaning may help your decking last longer, while the wrong cleaner might make it break. If you’re looking for a cleaning for your plastic wood decking, be sure it doesn’t include chlorine.

This is due to the fact that employing a chlorine-based cleaning on the surface of your plastic wood decking can degrade its attractiveness. If the cleaner’s active components list Sodium Hypochlorite, it contains chlorine. This type of deck cleaner isn’t recommended for composite decking since it’s corrosive and will eat through the material. The decking surface will then get discolored and damaged.

If you want to keep your komposittrall in good shape, avoid cleaning it with the wrong solution. Anything that contains bleach and can easily remove the stain is the perfect cleanser. A non-toxic cleaning based on sodium percarbonate can be used on composite decking.

Make certain to fill any gaps

Another common blunder made by homeowners while cleaning their decks is failing to clean the gaps. The spaces between your composite decking planks are what we’re talking about. The plastic wood decking planks are separated from one another by a 5 mm spacing. Most homeowners overlook the gap while cleaning their wood-plastic composite decking. This causes dirt or debris to accumulate between their decking planks. And as dirt accumulates between the boards, mold or mildew will grow. That is why it is critical to clean the crevices between your decking planks. This allows air to circulate between the boards, keeping the sides and undersides dry.

Avoid using a pressure washer on your composite decking.

Avoid using a pressure washer on your composite decking.

Pressure cleaning your wood-plastic decking is not recommended since it might harm the surface. A pressure washer sprays water over the surface of your wood-plastic decking with great power. Your decking surface may peel and the color may fade as a result of this force spraying. Because composite decking is softer than traditional wood, you should use additional caution while cleaning your plastic wood decking.

Avoid getting the pressure washer too close to the decking’s surface. To avoid peeling your decking, keep the pressure washer nozzle a few feet away from the top. A garden hose can be used instead of a power washer. A garden hose can spray water, but not as forcefully as a pressure washer. It’s ideal for removing dirt and debris from your deck’s surface.

After cleaning, protect your composite decking

After cleaning, protect your composite decking

You must safeguard your WPC decking after washing it. Mold and mildew may be avoided by protecting the surface of your plastic wood decking. Using a sealer to prevent water from infiltrating the decking’s surface is the most effective non-toxic approach for protecting your decking.


When cleaning your composite decking, avoid using a power washer, the incorrect solvent, and the incorrect instruments.

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