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Commercial Water Purifier Chennai

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Are you confuse about which is the best type of water purifier will best suit your home? Then Home Ro Water Purifier Chennai can help you. Just read this blog and know the different types of water purification methods and how beneficial they are. Water pollution in India is a major problem that growing concern for us. Today many homes invest money in water purifiers so that they can get clean drinking water at home.

But, deciding on which is the right water purifier for your home is not an easy task. One has to select one from different models and varieties that are available in the market. You also have to choose one type of water purifier that suits your clean water needs. If you are hunting to get the best water purifier for your home, then Commercial Water Purifier Chennai will help you. Just read this article which will give all the details you’ll need to come to a decision.

RO water purifier

How it functions: Water purification through reverse osmosis (RO) is the most reliable system for water treatment at home. In this method, water is enter through an RO membrane (RO water filter), which is a semi-permeable membrane. During this process, the contaminants like sodium, chlorine, urea, lead, copper, chromium, selenium, pesticides, and fluoride also get filter out. This best RO water purifier also helps to remove bacteria and viruses to a certain degree. Many RO water purifiers have a carbon filter that removes odor from the water and makes the water tasty.

Advantages of RO water purifiers

  • RO is best for treating hard water and removing chemicals and metals from drinking water.
  • Removes odor from the water
  • RO water purifiers are cost-effective and easy to maintain

UV water purifier

How it Function: Ultraviolet (UV) water purifiers have a UV light source that is fix in front of the water chamber. When the water passes through the chamber the UV rays kill the harmful pathogens that are found in the water. Many shops combine both water purification technologies to treat water and recommend RO UV water purifiers. Home Ro Water Purifier Chennai can give you this water purifier.

Advantages of UV water purifiers

  • Low costs as only UV lamps need to be change once a year. Consume less electricity
  • UV water purifiers work quicker and purify 2 to 3 liters of water in a minute.
  • UV water purifiers do not taste the water and never remove essential minerals that are preserved during the filtration process.

UF gravity water purifier

How it Function: Gravity-based water purifiers only use activate carbon instead of electricity to treat water. The activate carbon contains in the fiber mesh absorbs contamination found in water. The water is filter with the help of gravity when it moves from a higher point to a lower point. Most of these gravity water purifiers are modify with UF technology. Treatment through UF technology includes where the water is pushed through the UF membrane which has pores of 0.1 microns. These microns filter make the pathogens and sediment in the water. Most UF water purifiers come attached with sediment filters and activated carbon filters. Commercial Water Purifier Chennai can offer this RO that can make your home water clean.

Advantages of UF water purifiers

  • UF water purifiers are cost-effective and don’t use electricity
  • Clear out dust and harmful contaminants from the water.
  • low maintenance and portable

Alkaline water purifier

How it Function: Alkaline water purifier is also called an ionized water filter. Filter the chemical composition of water and the water is filtered into two groups alkaline and acidic water.

Advantages of alkaline water purifiers

  • Alkaline water contributes to many health benefits
  • Maintain the pH levels in the body.
  • It separates acidic water from drinking water.

Activated carbon water purifier

How it Function: Activated carbon water filter clears out chlorine and other harmful chemicals from the water and improves the taste of water. Removes odor from water. It is a high-tech activated carbon filter that has two main activation methods. steam activation and chemical activation. This RO comes with activated carbon water filters installed in them. Home Ro Water Purifier Chennai can have this RO system, you can choose what suits your home needs.

Advantages of activated carbon water purifiers

  • Remove harmful toxins like pesticides and chlorine Found in the water.
  • Remove heavy metal contaminants.
  • Remove the water odor and enhance the taste.
  • Help maintain the RO water consistency.


Thus, this blog can be beneficial if you go through it, many models and features are available in the market. You can choose as per your needs and home suitability.  Commercial Water Purifier Chennai can give you the best RO water purifier of all models and features that can give you odor-free and clean water to drink.

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