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Buran ghati Trek- Timings, Accessibility, Best time to visit


Buran is located in Himachal pradesh and considered a moderate to difficult trek at an altitude of 15000ft. Buran ghati trek is well connecting the Pabbar valley to Baspa valley of Kinnaur. Buran is a charming village that is embellished with some of the old houses. The buran ghati trek trail is surrounded by dense forest and pine trees. In Buran ghati you can witness the splendid view of the Dayara meadows, chandernahan lake and other places wrapped in melting snow. You will get a chance to marvel at the sharp edges and snow clad peaks.


Buran ghati trek is min of 5 days trek

It is located at an altitude of 15000 ft.

Buran ghati trek is Moderate to Difficult Trek of 38 km

The Buran ghati trek temperature remains between 15 degree to -5 degree celsius .

Best time to visit Buran ghati is between May to Early July and September to mid October.

If you wish to visit Buran ghati trek and prefer to visit by Railways then you need to deboard at Chandigarh railway station. The nearest Airport is also Chandigarh. Let’s talk in detail about the Buran ghati trek.


Buran ghati trek allows one to experience the beauty of Dayara lake to catch the sunset and sunrise before continuing their trek to Litham. Buran ghati trek is all about the months you decide to organise your trip. Buran ghati is known for its rough and muddy terrain.The best months are between May to June and September to October.

Summer – Trek in Summers between May to early July-  Buran trek trek in premonson month of May and june and even ealy July are tailor-made for doing the trek in Buran Ghati. The weather remains cooler, pleasant and soothing. The trial remains dry and the new blossom and the beauty of this trek remains its natural best. If you plan to trek during the month of may, you will find the snow still intact and this snow will start melting fromJune. So from the safety concern these months can be considered as favour months.

Autumn-  months between September to October are perfect months for people who love a touch of winter in their trek. During these months the temperature drops down to at least 0 and minus degrees at night. If you are planning to do activities such as repelling and snow sliding its best to give autumn a miss.


Buran ghati is located in a mountain area so it is not surprising that Buran ghati remains chilly. While it is cool to set out on a trekking expedition, temperature and excessive snowfall are adventurous.  In summers the village Janglik which is located at an altitude of 9200ft and serves as base camp of the trek remains cool and pleasant during the day time and at night temperature drops to 0 degree as you climb up to campsite Litham and well in Negative when reaching Buran pass.

Although mountain weather are always unpredictable so rain showers may catch even during the summer months and under that circumstances the temperature can experience a sudden drop of 8-10 degrees during the day.  In autumn months in buran ghati temperature remains 3-5 degree cooler when compared to summer months. Despite this the temperature during the day remains 13 to 18 degree which makes it perfect weather to carry out a trek in.

Now let’s have a short itinerary of trek

Day-1 Reaching to Shimla

Day-2 Sangla to Brua village

Day-3 Barua village to Brua kanda

Day-4 brua kanda to base camp pass

Day-5 Base camp litham to explore the nearby place such as Chandernahan Lake

Day-6 Litham Dayara

Day-7 Dayara to Janglik village

Day-8 Janglik village to Shimla


A good quality waterproof trekking boots

Multiple pair of socks

Pair of thermals top and bottom


A pair of thick gloves

Personal hygiene essentials such as toiletries, sanitizer, soap, towel, face wipes etc


First air box or kit

A water bottle

It is recommended to carry extra pair of warm clothes and right kind of shoes for the trek

You need to know the guidelines issued by Indian and state government to be followed before going to Buran ghati trek

Valid ID card

You should not bring non biodegradable materials

Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

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