Best Tips to Identify Fraudulent Packers and Movers

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Do you want to become a victim of any fraud done by fraudulent packers and movers? If yes, then you should be extra vigilant while choosing your movers and packers. Professional moving companies do a lot of things to trap the customers. Most people do not know about their ill motives and get trapped in their plan.

The shifting service providers lure customers with low prices. The innocent customers trust these companies and become a victim of their frauds. Then the fraud movers charge high prices for their services. However, you can avert these frauds if you research your movers thoroughly. Apart from them, you can consider doing other things to avoid being the victim of fraud movers and packers.

Here are the best tips you can follow to stop the fraudulent activities of your packers and movers: –

Don’t Pay the Upfront Cash

Most movers demand a nominal charge from the customers before initiating their move. However, some fraud movers demand a large amount of money before the start of the relocation process. They disappear after taking money from the customers.

So, do not pay upfront cash to any mover. There are least chances of getting services for the money you have paid to the movers.

Insurance Services

A good insurance facility is much more beneficial to you when it comes to moving your goods safely to your destination. These insurance services are highly useful to you when you have to move your goods to a different destination.

However, no any scammer will provide you with insurance service from his side. They are not genuine moving agencies. So, they don’t have such provision in their company.

Blank Contract

The scammers do not provide you with a moving contract when you avail their services. They either provide you with no contract or an incomplete contract. So, if your mover is not offering you any moving contract then it is a clear sign that you are dealing with a fraud mover.

The legal packers and movers always offer you a proper contract while offering their services. This contract contains a variety of things in it such as types of moving services that will be offered to you and the estimated price. Apart from it, you must also contain the right packing materials, insurance, and the date of your move.

Informal Phone Conversation

The reputed packers and movers Indira Nagar talk informally when they speak to you over the phone. They only say ‘packers and movers’ after picking up the phone. If any company answers the phone by saying only these words, then there are higher chances that this is not a recognized company.

The fraud moving companies don’t have qualified staff. This staff is not capable of handling the phone calls in a professional manner. So, you can easily recognize fraud movers after talking to their unprofessional staff.

Absence of Physical Address

In general, fraud movers do not have physical addresses on their websites. The address they put on their website is incomplete. You won’t find any office at most of these addresses. So, you should check the physical addresses on their site to check the genuineness of these companies.

The fraud movers always provide fake details and wrong addresses on their websites. So, you should double-check the addresses of your chosen mover before dealing with them. It would help you recognize any fraud moving company.

No Pre-Move Survey

The fraud shifting service providers don’t provide you with a pre-move survey. They only quote a random price for their customers. These prices are just tentative, so they force you to pay more money to them later. So, a pre-move survey is more important for you for getting the perfect quote from you.

The final moving estimate is only possible if you arrange a pre-move survey for you. So, a mover who is not offering you a pre-move survey is a fraud mover. Hence, you shouldn’t trust the mover who is not providing a pre-move survey to you.

Low Moving Rates

The fraudulent moving companies offer their services to you at low shifting rates. They do this to trap innocent customers. Once the customers are trapped, they force them to pay more and more money to them.

Hence, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of moving companies. Make sure to stay extra vigilant before contacting the movers and packers. Don’t accept the moving services of the movers if they are charging their services at low prices.

Hidden Rates

The dishonest movers and packers charge hidden prices to you. These prices are not the right moving rates. So, you should watch out for the hidden rates imposed on you by the movers. These charges reflect in your final moving bill. So, it would be better if you ask your movers about these hidden rates.

Negative Reviews

You can also detect the fraud movers and packers after going through their negative reviews. These reviews are posted by their customers. These customers have been the victim of fraud moving companies. So, they write their negative experience with the movers.

You can find these reviews on many websites. After going through these reviews, you can easily know about a particular moving company.

Verifying their Documents

It is essential to verify your movers before you choose them for your moving services. Make sure to check their registration documents and other essential papers first. Book them once you are satisfied with their registration documents. Don’t choose the movers that have incomplete documents with them.

Don’t Finalize the Moving Quote on the Phone

Many movers fix your moving price over the phone only. However, this is not the right way to do that. The proper method is to visit your mover and get to know about their services.

After checking their fleet of trucks and other services, you can get an estimate from them for your services. If you like their quote, you can book them for your move. So, if your mover is offering his quotes over the phone, that mover is a fraud one.


You can analyze the fraud packers and movers through several methods. You can also search for other tips to detect dishonest or fraud movers. Author Bio: Mansi Rawat

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