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Before visiting Lake Bacalar Mexico: Here are a few things you should know

Before visiting Lake Bacalar Mexico

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Lake Bacalar (also known as Laguna de Bacalar) is a long, thin lake in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, near the Belizean border. The lake is famous for its vivid blue color and crystal clear water. This is due in part to its white limestone floor you have to know that Before visiting Lake Bacalar Mexico. 

The lake, like the majority of the Yucatán peninsula’s bodies of water, is fed by underground rivers with regular open pools known as cenotes. Because of the porous limestone, the Yucatán Peninsula has few lakes. This is by far the largest, and it is fed by a 450-kilometer underground river that runs parallel to the coast. 

It has a large population of the earth’s oldest life, cauliflower-like stromatolites, which are only found in a few places on the globe. Bacalar, with a population of 11,084, is located on the lake’s western bank. Despite the lack of a beach, it’s a fantastic tourist destination so book your vacation trip on the Avianca Airlines Website and reach this place.

Things to do in Bacalar

San Joaquin church

The Church of San Joaquin, an attractive 18th-century edifice, is just a short distance from the main square. Bacalar is a traditional Mexican town, therefore the church is located on a street surrounded with colourful buildings. The vaulted ceiling is the major reason to adore the church, therefore don’t be afraid to step inside.

Visit Cenote Azul

Another nice thing to do in the vicinity is to go to Cenote Azul, which is approximately four kilometers from Bacalar. This cenote was unlike any other we’d seen in Yucatan, such as Coba Cenotes or Cenote Zaci. In that, it wasn’t inside a cave and instead seemed like an open lake. The cenote is 90 meters deep and can be swum, snorkelled, or dived in.

Cenote Azul is located in the little community of Xul-Ha, 15 minutes from Bacalar, and can be reached by car. Colectivo, taxi, or bike rental for more adventurous guests. The admission price is Mx 25, but you must walk through a restaurant that has a monopoly on services in this area.

Have fun in K’in Bacalar

When you’ve had your fill of lounging on the shores of the Bacalar lagoon. Take a fifteen-minute drive inland to an adventure park with five zip-lines across the forest. The park also offers spectacular views of the lagoon as well as the lush greenery of the treetops. This activity is not inexpensive; expect to pay $55 per adult participant.

If you’re staying in Bacalar for an extended period of time, go to the park to find a new and fascinating activity to keep your days interesting.

Kohunlich ruins

A major ruins complex, Kohunlich Ruins, is only an hour’s drive from Bacalar. You won’t find many visitors here, despite its size and the fact that it is one of Yucatan’s oldest ruins, especially if you travel alone.

This pre-Columbian ruin is an excellent alternative to popular tourist destinations like Chichen Itza and Tulum Ruins. Because most tours depart around lunchtime, arriving in the afternoon is the best way to avoid crowds. If you want to see this complex, you’ll need to take a trip. From Bacalar or rent a car because public transportation isn’t available. A private taxi from Bacalar is also a possibility, although it is not inexpensive.

What is the best way to get to Bacalar, Mexico?

Because flights to Bacalar aren’t available. You’ll have to fly to a nearby airport and then rent a car, take a shuttle, or take the bus to get there.

Rent a car-   

The most convenient method to go to Bacalar is to rent a car in Mexico and drive yourself. If you want to stay in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum. You may easily rent a car there or at the Cancun airport when you arrive. The cost of a rental car is usually less than $5 per day.

Take a private shuttle-

The most convenient way to go to Bacalar is to take a private shuttle. Arrange for a private shuttle to pick you up from the airport or your hotel and take you straight to Bacalar. There’s no need to be concerned about riding an overcrowded bus or driving in Mexico.

Take a bus-

Taking the bus in Quinto Rio is simple and convenient, and it is far more comfortable than you may expect. Buses are air-conditioned and have spacious seating. By bus, you can get to Bacalar on an ADO bus. Specials are frequently available online, and booking there is often less expensive than booking at a bus station.

Fly to Bacalar-

The closest airport to Bacalar is Chetumal, which is around 45 minutes away by car. However, because it does not have regular international flights, travelers from other countries have three more viable options. One option is to fly into Belize Emirates Airlines Booking Flight but this involves going through immigration and customs twice before arriving at Bacalar, and even then the journey takes about three hours.

Where to stay

A little town Bacalar is perfectly placed between the major border city of Chetumal and the popular Tulum. Even if you decide to spend the night in Bacalar, there are various lodging options in the neighbourhood.

Chetumal-Hotel Casa Blanca: This modern and clean hotel has spacious rooms, air conditioning, good Wi-Fi, and is conveniently located in the city. 

What to eat

Bacalar is known for its seafood, which is unsurprising. In a comfortable, laid-back setting, Kai Pez serves a variety of genuinely unforgettable dishes. Another famous and economical diner is El Mananti, a restaurant and shop that caters to vegetarians and vegans. Waiters should be tipped at least 10% of the bill.

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