Achieving Winning Deals from Sales Objections

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In an inside sales call. One of the most challenging aspects. That is overcoming the objections. Which the prospect may bring up. In order to avoid your pitch.

You should view sales objections. As not as a threat. But as an opportunity. For closing the deal.

You wouldn’t have a chance. For the closing of the deal. If the prospect hung up. Without having any objections.

Finding the Problem

The blockbuster film, The Wolf of Wall Street. That has a memorable scene.

An audience of salespeople. They are listening. To former stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. He leads a session.

He hands a pen to a guy. In the audience. And asks him to sell it to him. As an illustration of a point. He was trying to make.

Taking the pen. He describes its features nervously. A second and then a third salesman. They are then are asked. By Belfort to give it a try.

Neither does much better.

How can salespeople improve? You cannot succeed in sales. If you don’t know your target audience.

Is it better to be specific or general?

Dig deep

As a general rule. You should know. Which three industries buy. From you the most.

Many industries might be your target market. But you should familiarize yourself. With the top three.

To know the location. The average employee size. The average revenue size. And other basics are necessary.

How to overcome sales objections?

In order to reduce sales objections. Start reducing them. In the early in the sales process. So that you get them. Only about 20 percent of the time.

This does not mean. That you should toss out. At your objection handling scripts.

In order to be a better salesperson. You must still be prepared. For handling these situations.

In any case. You need to understand. How does your solution work? What is addressed about the customer pain points? And how it differs. From other products on the market.

Typical objections to selling

Give me a little time to think about it. Identify the prospect. That they are thinking about.

Unanswered questions may remain. Respond to them. And continue the sales pitch.

I understand. If you need time. To think about it. Is there anything? In particular. What you would like to think about? Perhaps You can provide more details.

May I have some more information?

In many cases. This strategy is used in situations. Where the prospect isn’t interested. Or wants to remove you. From the sales process.

After agreeing to send the information. Ask an additional question. In order to redirect the conversation.

A follow-up question. This can often help. Make the sale. By continuing the conversation

You can find more information by email. Would you mind sharing? More details with me?

Your product isn’t for me

If the prospect. That they were properly qualified earlier. This sales objection. It should not arise.

You should describe your company’s products. And services and explain. How they have helped a competitor. Or a company in a similar industry.

This will lend credibility to your company. Prospects do not want. Their competitors to have an edge over them.

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