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Best Natural Remedies for Dark Circles

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Under-eye circles can completely ruin your day, especially if you have to go to work or meet new people. While there are many ways to cover up dark circles under your eyes with concealer or other products and treatments, what if you could get rid of them forever? The best natural remedies for dark under-eye circles can help you eliminate them without expensive surgery or with potentially harmful chemicals.

We’ve been taking a look at the ways you can rid yourself of dark under-eye circles. We’ve gathered our research here and we’ve taken a look at a bunch of natural ways to reduce the appearance of dark circles. We hope that one or more of these tips will improve your experience!

It’s a fact that many people experience dark circles treatment under their eyes. This can be caused by some things, including genetics, allergies, or sleep deprivation. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

The causes of dark circles under the eyes may vary, but there are ways to treat them. At the end of a long day, use a concealer with orange or pink tones to lighten and brighten the area under your eyes. If, at first you don’t find the results you’re looking for, try a different concealer in a lighter shade or one with yellow or peach tones. Before you go to sleep each night and after getting up in the morning use an eye serum under the eyes to help nourish the thin skin there.

While fatigue and a lack of sleep are common causes of dark circles under the eyes, other factors can cause them. Dark circles can be caused by genetics, liver or thyroid problems, or certain medications.

How can I get rid of dark circles?

To get rid of dark circles under the eyes, you must choose natural ways. It’s also important to know why you have these dark circles in the first place. If you begin applying creams and lotions daily, but still have a problem with discoloration or puffiness under your eyes, then there may be another issue causing your eyes to appear red.

Get more sleep

Sleep is essential for our overall health, and it can also help with dark circles under the eyes. Getting between 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night is key to reducing the appearance of dark circles. While genetics can affect the appearance of dark circles, excessive exposure to sunlight and certain medications can also cause them.

We have a whole bunch of different remedies you can try out if you have trouble sleeping. Sip on a calming cup of chamomile tea before bed to calm the body or diffuse lavender or sleep oil to relax, or take a magnesium supplement to ensure it isn’t a deficiency causing your lack of sleep.

Adjust your sleeping position

Adjusting your sleeping position can also help to reduce eye puffiness in the morning. Sleeping with more pillows under your head can allow you to sleep in an elevated position which will help protect you from fluids pooling under your eyes. Though possibly not good for your back, this remedy may help to reduce puffiness in the short term.

Use a cold compress to constrict blood vessels

One effective home remedy for dark under-eye circles is to use a cold compress to constrict blood vessels. By pressing a cold flannel or beaded eye mask to the area under your eyes, you can help reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. This is because the coldness of the flannel causes the blood vessels there to constrict, which reduces their size and makes them less visible under your skin.

Reduce sun exposure

If you have dark circles under the eyes, it may be caused by irregular pigmentation in your skin. Sun exposure can trigger this irregular pigmentation, so reducing sun exposure may be a great way to reduce dark circles under your eyes.


Dark circles under the eyes are not usually a cause for concern, but they can be very irritating. Covering them up with concealer is not always an option and getting rid of them seems like the best option! Removing dark circles from under the eyes can be done naturally. Ways to do this include getting more sleep, using moisturizers that contain aloe vera and caffeine, reducing sun exposure, and using a cold compress on the area.

There are some more medical-style treatments for dark circle but the at-home remedies have been tried and tested and work for most people. If you try out one of these home remedies, be sure to do so with care and do not continue to use it if you suffer any irritation or allergic reaction.

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