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9 Bucket List Adventures That Deserve More Popularity

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Have you ever come to a dead-end while planning your next adventure? Does the feeling of déjà-vu ever took over you like you have been stuck in a cobweb? Do these activities or the travel destinations excite you no more? Then let us present you with some vivid adventure travel ideas that will help in bringing back your thrill-seeking zeal. Here are some fantastic bucket list adventures that are worth trying and creating memories for a lifetime.

Valley of Flowers Trek: An Ultimate Himalayan Destination

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, this National park, situated in the northern state of Uttarakhand in India, is a place of pristine beauty. Located in the Garhwal ranges of the Himalayas. This UNESCO World Heritage site is renowned for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and its exceptional natural beauty.

This mystic valley is richly diverse in flora and fauna. The valley is home to rare and endangered species like the very elusive snow leopard and the musk deer (used for preparing musk perfume). The gentle slopes of the valley directly contrasts the rugged high ranges surrounding it (Nanda Devi peak at a height of 7,817 meters being one of them).

Due to its location, this beautiful valley has remained hidden to the outside world for a very long time and even now it is more or less untouched. This beautiful valley is covered in snow for 7 months of the year. Hence is only accessible in the months of June to October and the flowers are in full bloom during this period. One can trek to this valley from Gobindghat and it takes around 6 to 7 days for the round trip. The valley was closed to nature enthusiast and tourist after the area was ravaged with flood in 2013 but has now reopened.

This place is a delight for nature lovers and shutter bugs and one can truly experience the feeling of heaven on earth.

Scuba Dive with a Navy SEAL in Oahu


Scuba diving with professional Navy SEALs is something to endeavour. Oahu in the Hawaii chain of islands is well known for scuba diving, but carrying out the activity in the guidance of the SEALs gives it a new dimension altogether. Stephen Kaplan and James Beck, the veteran U.S. Seals and the founder of Trident Adventures, provide an enjoyable experience to the divers in the wet world. The feeling of safety with them will urge you more to get the most out of the 3 hours underwater excursion.

E-Mountain Bike Across the Swiss Alps


Riding a bike on the mountain trails of the Alps is an ordinary bucket list adventures that travellers take. But getting an e-mountain biking experience gorging through the unexpected Alpine routes is something for the real masters. The H+I Adventure group, heads for eight days long trip availing trains, trams and gondolas to get your bikes on the trails of the Alpine range of Switzerland. The night stays, and meals are reserved in the beautiful mountain huts. The most exciting part of the trip is the 25-mile long ride on the Alps Davos Trail, which is awe-strikingly exotic and hailed by the international bikers associations.

Snowkite, the New Hampshire Backcountry


Have you ever tried snowkiting? No? Then give it a go. A newfound adventure activity snowkiting is gaining its fair share of popularity. North Conway of New Hampshire has an organization that not only provides the training for snowkiting but essential apparatus and route guidance too. The International Mountain Climbing School located in this region caters to these facilities and has a proper course schedule. Imagine a kite escorting you through the snow. It is like skiing with the help of a kite without your ski poles and is dependent on the wind speed.

Camp in Least-Visited National Park


The Isle Royale National Park situated in the northwest of the Lake Superior is made up of more than 450 small islands, including the Isle Royale Island. This park is a rare place to visit with very few tourists around the year. So, if you want to relax in the lap of nature without much cacophony, then these islands are the ideal place for camp-outs. A ferry or chartered seaplane will take you to the campsite where you can holiday in absolute tranquillity and feel the adventure of being lonesome in an island.

Cycle Idaho’s Route of the Hiawatha


Fifteen miles of the mountain trail, you hike it, or you bike it, this route is breathtakingly impressive. The Route of the Hiawatha is a rail to trail adventure route consisting of 7 sky-high trestles and ten rail tunnels, beginning with the Lookout Pass Ski area crossing through the 1.661 miles long St. Paul Pass Tunnel. This ride traverses along the summit of the Bitterroot Mountains near the town of Wallace of the Idaho region. The good news is that it is family-friendly due to the fact the route is downhill and hence can be taken by every member of your family. There are nearby camping options too.

Heli-Paddleboard in Whistler, Blackcomb+


Try something new in the largest ski resorts of North America, the Whistler Blackcomb. The small town of Whistler in the Vancouver region is known for its ski resorts. The Blackcomb Helicopters provides a unique experience of Heli-padding to Alpine lake for standup paddleboard adventure trip. This half-day adventure trip is otherwise out of the way by hiking or any other transportation. Ride a chopper and paddle through the azure lakes in a single trip.

Climb Sea Stack in Ireland


This is good news for the climbers. Or even if you are not a climber, the sea stacks of the Donegal Coast will be a relishing adventure. The local facilitator Unique Ascent provides for the activity necessities. They will guide you climbing through the cliffs and a Tyrolean traversing on ropes over the waters to connect from one stack to the other. These rock towers, hundreds of meters above sea level, are worth to scale up.

Paddle the Barrier Islands of Virginia


Ever experienced a water trail? Go for the Virginia Seaside Water Trail connecting the barrier islands of the terrain. Ease up your senses by availing a sea kayak and paddling through the length of the trail for a few days, stopping and staying overnight by the waterfront stay-outs.

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