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7 Environmentally Sustainable Fashion Brands That Stand Out!

Are you considering a sustainable wardrobe?

Imagine a future where consumers can go into any clothing store and get instantaneous information on how their purchases affect the local community, the employees, and the animals.

You could shop with a clear conscience, knowing that everything you choose to purchase would aid rather than hurt people and the environment.

Humans now have a heightened awareness of environmental challenges. Due to global warming, forest destruction, the disappearance of coral reefs, plastic pollution, and other threats.

One of the best ways to lessen one’s environmental impact is to ensure that the clothes you purchase are more mindful of the planet.

The push for ethical and environmentally responsible sustainable fashion brands ultimately focuses on achieving this aim.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

The term “sustainable and ethical fashion” refers to a set of practices around creating clothing that aims to minimize adverse environmental effects. Also maximizing positive outcomes for the fashion industry and society.

5 Environmentally Sustainable Fashion Brands that Stand Out:

Here is a list of some environmentally conscious clothing brands. They share your respect for the environment and commitment to ethical manufacturing practices:

1) Doodlage: Kriti Tula launched her one-of-a-kind eco-fashion label in 2012, and it now sells chic but practical clothing for men, women, and children.

The clothing brand has built a reputation for creating eco friendly clothing by reusing scraps from the textile industry. Also used natural fibers and organic materials, such as cotton, maize, bananas, etc.

Doodlage strives for zero waste in manufacturing because of this philosophy. Its bags and furniture are made from leftover materials. The use of sustainable fabrics and business practices is essential to the company at every point in the fashion supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to customers recycling their clothes.

2) No Nasties: With more than 60% of the population engaged in agriculture as their primary means of subsistence, India is predominantly an agricultural nation.

Therefore, we must provide for and properly treat our farmers so they may have financial and social stability.

This reason is why No Nasties creates only organic, fair-trade clothes. Their apparel is not only eco-friendly, but they also have a zero exploitation policy that helps farmers.

In implementing their plans, they hope to benefit the entire rural community, not just the environment.

Their clothing line has at least 95 percent cotton, grown naturally. It has simple designs.

3) SUI: Sui, which derives its name from the Indian word for a needle, is amongst the fashion brands that collaborate with verified non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India to assist disadvantaged women working in the handloom industry.

Sui uses organic cotton, hemp, linen, and other handwoven textiles to create all of its products, which are all herbal dyed.

Their most recent collection of designs includes desirable warm-weather basics like the bandhani dress, which is worthy of being posted on Instagram, and the kala cotton crop top, with embroidered details that will have you drooling.

4) Dressfolk: Dressfolk, a sustainable clothing business located in Delhi, creates garments that incorporate traditional Indian crafts and materials in modern cuts.

The brand uses handwoven or certified organic fabrics such as Jamdani, Chanderi Silk, linens, organic cotton, and bamboo. For its extensive clothing collection, including western casuals and traditional Indian garments such as sarees.

The brand also offers a wide selection of sustainable ethnic wear online. In addition, they give reasonable wages to the more than 250 weavers and 40 artisans they employ throughout six states.¬† Which enables them to improve the weavers’ and artisans’ standard of living.

5) Upasana: Upasana, founded in Auroville, is a clothing brand that prioritizes making ethical and eco-friendly products.

This company develops products in response to pressing social problems and humanitarian reasons. Together with multiple artisan households in Madurai and Varanasi. They use solely organic materials in every production stage, from raw materials to final packaging.

You can buy online ethnic clothes from the brand sitting in the comfort of your home.

6) B Label: The innovative Bombay Hemp Company, elevating the status of hemp in India, has launched a new brand, B Label. The sustainable clothing brand offers simple clothing lines. As a part of its noble objective to educate consumers about fiber’s numerous positive effects on the environment.

The fabric created from hemp is softer and more durable than traditional cotton and has outstanding UV ray resistance.

It is known to replenish the soil. Also plays an essential part in reversing climate change due to the plant’s capacity. To absorb a large quantity of atmospheric carbon during its development period.

7) The Terra Tribe: This slow fashion label is dedicated to providing high-quality products in limited quantities, so you can expect to find a wide range of classically cut womenswear options created from 100% locally sourced Tencel and finished with 100% recycled metal.

Recycled metal accents are viable option . The name of the Terra Tribe comes from the Latin word for earth. Which is why the variety of earth tones used in their clothing.

They dye the fabric with a combination of iron vinegar, foliage, natural indigo, Indian madder creepers, and other plant materials. 


The importance of clothing as a means of self-expression is nothing new. To protected the environment Sustainable fashion brands motivate individuals to dress appropriately.

To meet the needs of their customers, clothing companies create lines that follow the latest fashion trends. Clothing design happens in today’s fast-paced society. Factors including like occasion, style, trends, color, skin friendliness, body-hugging, ease of transport, and fashion.

What clothes you wear says a lot about you, and now more than ever, it’s crucial to make a public statement in favor of eco-friendly labels that fight to protect our world by ordering them online with Amala Earth.

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