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5 Ways To Improve Your E-Liquid Flavor

Every person has different preferences when it comes to vaping. Some prefer huge clouds and others seek a nice and original E-Liquid flavor. Freebase e-liquids contain some of the most succulent flavors, including tongue-tingling fresh fruit counterparts and more strong tobacco flavors. Every individual has a different taste when it comes to vaping, and that is why the choice in the market is so wide. 

However, sometimes the flavor fails to deliver the pleasure that a vaper is looking for. This is where you can do some improvisation to improve the experience for yourself. You don’t just want to blow clouds of smoke, you also want to enjoy the true flavour of your e-juice.  Don’t worry, because there are ways to overcome this issue and enhance the quality of your e-liquid flavor significantly.

Elevate Your Vaping Experience With These Flavor Enhancing Tricks:

In this blog, we have put together some simple techniques that you can use to achieve enhanced flavor from your vape. 

  • Change Your Flavor When Required:

A “vaper’s tongue” is a condition a lot of vapers go through. This involves losing the ability to truly enjoy the flavor, which is termed as “flavor fatigue.” When you have been using the same flavor for a long time, your taste buds might get tired of it. You will feel like the flavor does not have the same punch as it did before. 

The best way to overcome this is by changing your flavor. Be open to different e-liquid flavors and allow your tongue to taste varying flavors after every few weeks. This will keep you away from flavor fatigue or vaper’s tongue. 

  • Have A Watchful Eye At Your Vape Coils:

The coil in vapes also plays a major role in delivering flavor. If the coil is not essentially dampened by the e-liquid, the flavoring will suffer. Opt for a bottom coil if possible because the work of gravity prevents the wick from sucking up the coil and sabotaging the flavor.

You can twist and turn the device once you start facing reduced flavor. This will immerse the wick efficiently with e-liquid, so it can perform better. 

  • Lower The Air Flow:

Airflow works by improving the size of the clouds when increased and reducing the flavor when decreased. You can adjust this feature to improve the taste of your vape. Tweak the airflow to get an enhanced e-liquid flavor. 

The practice, however, increases the throat hit significantly, which might wreck your vaping experience. While some people like a stronger hit, others do not find it very pleasurable. This means that you can change the airflow for better taste, but it comes with a price.  

  • Change The Temperature Settings:

You can tweak the temperature of your coil to get the desired intensity of the flavor. Some flavors vaporize at specific temperatures. 

You can control the settings along with the coil resistance to manipulate the temperature. Find a device that has variable voltage and allows temperature control, so you can change the setting to get the best flavor. 

  • Choose The Right Wicking Material:

The wicking material is important, as this is the part of the device that absorbs the e-liquid to produce vapor. Standard wicking materials do not deliver the quality of flavor most vapers want. That is why cotton is becoming relatively popular among the vaping community.

Brands that use organic cotton or Japanese cotton in their coils are the most ideal if you are looking to improve your device’s flavor. They deliver a more refined flavor by soaking up the e-liquid efficiently. Additionally, if you combine it with a clearomizer, the experience is elevated to a whole new level. 

To sum it up, these are a few ways that will help you achieve better flavoring from your vaping device. If you are looking for good-quality freebase liquid that delivers the most intensified and improved flavor, you can visit Pak Vapes. We have a wide collection of vaping products, e-liquids, coils, and tanks.

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